5 Reasons Why Candles Make Great Christmas Gifts

Candles can be great gifts for friends and loved ones, but it’s not just because they are nice little ornaments. Their symbolism, if presented correctly, can be incredibly heart-warming and afford the gift of a candle a thoughtful relevance that other fancier presents just don’t have. Here are five ways in which candle gifts can be far more than the mere sum of their parts.

Christmas Candle Ideas

Apple and Pine Needle Yankee Wax Tart

1) Scented candles are wonderful at this time of year as their nostalgic scents can instantly create a seasonal atmosphere in any room of the house. Waft an Apple and Pine Needle Scented Candle aroma throughout the hallways and let it permeate every inch of your home to really kick start Christmas and get everybody in the mood for some holiday fun.

Christmas Pillar Candles

2) A collection of Christmas Pillar Candles can make a lovely gift for a grandparent who overseas a large family, especially if there should be a candle for each member of their family so the lighting of them all becomes a ritual of remembrance and heart-warming reflection upon all the people that they love and love them the most.

Christmas Candle Gifts

3) The gift of a candle to a parent, particularly a mother, is hugely symbolic as it was the mastering of fire which helped the human race survive, develop and progress to where we are now. The flame of a candle represents our acknowledgement of the debt we owe those who fed and cared for us during our most vulnerable moments and who guided us through our childhoods to become the awesome adults that our mothers think we are today. A meaningful narrative accompanying the gift of a candle can elevate its importance above all the other gifts, even the big expensive ones which are just showing off really. Every mother knows that.

LED Candles

4) Because candles are made of wax, and wax melts under the heat of a flame, they can symbolise the relationship between our hearts and that which melts them: the pure loveliness of our partners. Show him or her how much you love them by lighting a Red Heart Candle and explaining that the flame is her love, and we are just melted wax at the mercy of her favour, willing to sacrifice ourselves to keep their fabulous flame burning. Getting super soppy instead of splashing out can be a great way of saving money on presents as well.

Ivory Floating Candles

5) Finally, never underestimate the practical use of a candle or set of candles. If you know someone who lives in a place that doesn’t have a dimmer switch on their living room light, then a gift of candles will allow them to create an ambient effect during their evenings relaxing in front of the TV. Having a few candles around can always serve as emergency lighting during a power cut, plus a good few of them lit at once will raise the temperature a little which is always worthwhile during these winter months. Consider something simple yet incredibly useful like a set of Tealight Candles, which make extremely thoughtful stocking fillers.