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Fresh Scents for Summer 2015

What comes to mind when you think of a nice summer’s day? Could it be, the warm Sun and clear blue skies, green grass, a gentle breeze, and the scents of summer, so fresh and invigorating. You can finally open your windows after the rigours of winter, but what about the evenings, sitting indoors or if you are lucky on the veranda. Why not accentuate the aromas with scented atmospheric candles.

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Floral Candles

What about the wonderful Vincent Van Gogh inspired sunflower yellow candle, by St Eval in Cornwall. It will send tones of amber and linden blossom drifting into the room,combined with natural mimosa, to create a perfect balance of natural summer fragrances.

Linden produces a divine aroma, bees flock to the flowers, and it often appears in poetry as a tree to sit under on a summer’s day. The scent of mimosa may inspire you to sip a refreshing summer drink of chilled citrus fruit and champagne, aptly named after it.

Fruity Candles

The aromas of natural fruit always remind us of the growing season. Fresh and invigorating the Blueberry pillar candle by Bolsius is aromatic and fruity without being overbearing. The blueberry is noted for being one of the world’s healthiest fruits with its antioxidant properties.There is also an exotic mango candle that is unique in flavour and fragrance. Your guests will be wondering where you have hidden the summer fruit bowl.

Honeydew Melon fragrance candles,smell like fresh cut melon,on a hot day, one of summers supreme pleasures. Sweet and deliciously juicy! Honeydew will remind those who sense it, of summer salads with melon and cantaloupe, and healthy breakfasts with mixed fruits and cereal.

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More Summertime Favourites

Lemon grass is not instantly thought of as a summer scent. However it does have a few properties that make it a good candidate. It does have a mild citrus aroma which may prove more beneficial to those with a sensitive nose, for the stronger scented candles. It also has properties that will help keep those annoying flies away whilst you are dozing on the porch on a summers evening. It may even entice you to go and make a cup of lemongrass tea to help you relax even more.

Simon and Garfunkel sang about Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme, and going to summer fairs.The unmistakable aromas of herbs and spices from Provence bring to mind eating at a long table in the garden under a clear blue sky. Price’s Provence Scented Candle Lantern will let you carry on the festivities into the summer night. It also has insect repellent qualities that work effectively without the overpowering scent of citronella.

Everyone will equate different aromas with summer, possibly the more rural you’re past experiences,the stronger will be the association. Scented Candle Shop has a large selection and you will be able to find something to suit your taste, or more to the point sense of smell. Take the fresh scents of summer right into your home.

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Do Coloured Candles Burn Quicker Than White Candles?

Whether coloured candles burn faster than white candles is a question that has been getting asked more and more frequently recently. There are increasing numbers of YouTube videos dedicated to the subject, not to mention a multitude of science fair projects attempting to answer the question once and for all. There are contrasting theories, with one being that white candles are purer and thus take longer to burn, with the additional dyes in coloured candles helping to fuel their faster burn time. Another theory is that coloured candles burn longer because of the dye.

The conflicting ideas most likely stem from the various experiments folks have conducted having thrown up contradictory results, with some declaring coloured candles the faster burners while others declare white candles are faster. These contradictions are to be expected when you understand the real reasons behind the burn times of candles.

Candle Burn Time Variety #2
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The Real Reasons Behind Candle Burn Times

In reality, the amount of dye used to create the majority of coloured candles is actually extremely small and unlikely to affect the burn time at all. It’s true that some candles feature far more dye than others, and these richly coloured candles may indeed burn a little faster due to the increase of heat that the dye ingredients create. But most coloured candles do not use enough dye for it to make any significant difference.

The truth is that any particular candle’s burn time will be mostly determined by the type of wax used in conjunction with the type of wick used. There are additional factors to consider as well, such as additives like wax hardeners, scent ingredients and even the age of the candle, which can all affect the burn time.

Wax Hardness Affects Burn Time

Additives like wax hardeners help a candle burn longer, as the softer the wax the faster it will burn down. Naturally softer wax such as soy wax will burn quicker than naturally harder waxes such as paraffin candles. Beeswax is also harder than soy wax, so again they will take longer to burn down than soy wax candles.

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How Wicks Affect a Candle’s Burn Time

Wicks are lot more important to a candle’s burn time than they are often given credit for. Thick wicks will produce a larger, hotter flame and thus burn the candle quicker than a thin wick. The material of the wick will make a difference as well. Some wick material burns hotter and faster than others, so this can be a massive factor in determining a candle’s burn time.

Other Influences on Candle Burn Times

As well as the additives and additional ingredients such as those included in scented candles, the age of a candle will also affect the burn time as older candles dry out over time. The conditions of the room in which the candle is burning can also have a small effect on the burn time. A drafty room may cause the flame’s heat to disperse before it melts the wax as it normally would in a completely still environment.

Ultimately, a candle’s burn time is determined by a variety of factors, with its colour rarely being one of the most influential. Do let us know if you have noticed any other factors that help increase or decrease the burn time of your favourite candles.

Choosing The Right Candle For Your Home

Many people use candles in their home for far more than just being handy,when the electric goes off. They are now an essential part of a room’s ambience and décor, and can be obtained in a myriad of shapes, sizes, colours and scents. Here are some ideas for you to consider.

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Think About Colour

The colour of a candle may well, but not always, denote the fragrance that will fill the room. So when buying, consider not only that it will match your décor, but whether the strong scent of lemon, orange or blueberry is what you require. Often the description will make it obvious,but a little investigation will allow you to find bright coloured candles, that are not scent specific.

Size & Height

This may seem a bit unimportant at first, but consider where the candles are going. Long tall, church candles may look impressive, but you need the space for them, and maybe even a pedestal to put them on. Ones that go on shelves and window ledges, may need to be small and somewhat guarded, by being inside a non-flammable container. Candles for alcoves that throw an enhanced colour into the room will need a transparent candle holder, although natural crystals make excellent candle holders.

Bring Height To Your Room With Pillar Candles

Choosing The Perfect Fragrance

Summer fresh or winter warmth, the smell of home baking or oriental mystery, you can choose. There are fragrances for just about every situation and room in the house.

If you hold dinner parties, you may require something that does not overpower the smell of your hard work in the kitchen, but gives a pleasant feeling to your table arrangements like our cosy Home Sweet Home Housewarmer Jar. In the bathroom, a lighted candle can help with general odour, or accompany your luxuriously long soak. Take a look at the Colony Home Doctor Bathroom Fresh Votives.

If you are an animal lover and share your home with cats and dogs, or if you live in an old house that has its own particular smell, odour eliminating candles can be a godsend, to aid in keeping the home somewhat fresh.

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Think of The Occasion

Everyone associates candles flickering, with romance. It may not be such a good idea, to have them situated, all around the bed. However, they can play their part in the dining room, during an intimate dinner for two. The Frosted Rose Scented Glitter Jar Candle is ideal for this purpose, being a striking centrepiece and very romantic.

Many people also use scented candles for meditation, to create a calming atmosphere and the right ambience to go into a deep state, or even go astral travelling. The art of Feng Shui is now very popular, and many people consider the layout of the room to be exceedingly beneficial to harmony and calm in their lives. Candles often play a big part in creating the right balance.


A Beginner’s Guide To Candle Colour Therapy

Candle colour therapy utilises the influences of different colours to promote a wide range of different vibes and moods, as well as positively influencing our mental health in a wide variety of ways. Each colour in the spectrum is associated with different influential energies as well as particular Chakras (points of the body aligned with our spiritual energy). Take a look at our infographic below to find out the physical and spiritual associations that your favourite colours hold.


Considering all the positive permutations that are possible, it’s easy to see why coloured candles have consistently been one of the most caring, considerate and rewarding gifts we can give to our loved ones as well as ourselves. Enjoy decorating your home with our beautiful selection of coloured pillar candles, tea lights and much more!

Christmas Party Candle Ideas

Christmas parties are lively, fun, spirited and vibrant and when decorating for this special occasion it’s time to pull out all the stops. The use of candles can significantly enhance the overall look and feel of a Christmas party, creating a classy and stimulating edge. If you are unsure about how to utilise these timeless Xmas aides, then take a look at the following top Christmas party candle ideas. If you’re striving to create a traditional festive look at your Christmas party the pillar candles will augment the traditionalism of the occasion. Opt for a traditional festive colour, such as gold, red or green, or a pillar candle with Christmassy patterns embellished onto the wax, such as stars, snowflakes and ivy. Scatter this classic Christmas décor throughout the house. Make sure you light these elegant and striking candles before your guests arrive to make a decorative statement in your home.

Christmas Scented Candles

So Christmas might not be synonymous with garden partying but if the lawn is crisp with snow or the sky is blue (it can occasionally happen) you may want to take your guests outdoors for some fresh air. Outdoor garden candles will make a great addition to a Christmas party that ventures outdoors. The Jar Candle in red is an ideal outdoor decoration for a Christmas party. With a robust jar that shields the flame from the elements, this stylish candle is designed to weather the great outdoors. In glowing with such vibrant colour will create a warm and welcoming mood in even the frostiest of gardens at Christmas.

Festive Jars
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Christmas Dinner Candles

Whether you are serving buffet-style finger food or a full sit-down meal, your Christmas dinner table is likely to be one of the focal points of your party. The table therefore needs to be decorated suitably. Being tall, slender and elegant, Christmas dinner candles set the scene impeccably. For a real festive feel, place red tapered dinner candles in the centre of the table. For additional warmth and effectiveness, aim to have enough candles lighting up the dining room and dinner table that you eradicate the need for any artificial lighting.

Christmas Dinner Candles

Christmas Tea Lights

Whatever time of year it is tea lights always make a great addition to a party but particularly during the festive season when decorations and accessories are all about creating a characterful and atmospheric ambience. Scattering Christmas tea lights throughout the rooms the guests will be in will add a warm and welcoming cheer to the party. Putting tea lights in rooms where guests are likely to visit more infrequently such as the bathroom and cloakroom will be a classy and thoughtful touch. As it is likely to be dark when your guests either arrive or depart, lighting up the walkway with a row of tea lights in order to guide guests into the entrance of the party would be a sensible and welcoming precaution.

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