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Choosing The Right Candle For Your Home

Many people use candles in their home for far more than just being handy,when the electric goes off. They are now an essential part of a room’s ambience and décor, and can be obtained in a myriad of shapes, sizes, colours and scents. Here are some ideas for you to consider.

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Add a Touch of Romance To Your Night With TeaLights

Think About Colour

The colour of a candle may well, but not always, denote the fragrance that will fill the room. So when buying, consider not only that it will match your décor, but whether the strong scent of lemon, orange or blueberry is what you require. Often the description will make it obvious,but a little investigation will allow you to find bright coloured candles, that are not scent specific.

Size & Height

This may seem a bit unimportant at first, but consider where the candles are going. Long tall, church candles may look impressive, but you need the space for them, and maybe even a pedestal to put them on. Ones that go on shelves and window ledges, may need to be small and somewhat guarded, by being inside a non-flammable container. Candles for alcoves that throw an enhanced colour into the room will need a transparent candle holder, although natural crystals make excellent candle holders.

Bring Height To Your Room With Pillar Candles

Choosing The Perfect Fragrance

Summer fresh or winter warmth, the smell of home baking or oriental mystery, you can choose. There are fragrances for just about every situation and room in the house.

If you hold dinner parties, you may require something that does not overpower the smell of your hard work in the kitchen, but gives a pleasant feeling to your table arrangements like our cosy Home Sweet Home Housewarmer Jar. In the bathroom, a lighted candle can help with general odour, or accompany your luxuriously long soak. Take a look at the Colony Home Doctor Bathroom Fresh Votives.

If you are an animal lover and share your home with cats and dogs, or if you live in an old house that has its own particular smell, odour eliminating candles can be a godsend, to aid in keeping the home somewhat fresh.

Bringing You Fresh New Yankee Candle Fragrances Into Your Home

Think of The Occasion

Everyone associates candles flickering, with romance. It may not be such a good idea, to have them situated, all around the bed. However, they can play their part in the dining room, during an intimate dinner for two. The Frosted Rose Scented Glitter Jar Candle is ideal for this purpose, being a striking centrepiece and very romantic.

Many people also use scented candles for meditation, to create a calming atmosphere and the right ambience to go into a deep state, or even go astral travelling. The art of Feng Shui is now very popular, and many people consider the layout of the room to be exceedingly beneficial to harmony and calm in their lives. Candles often play a big part in creating the right balance.


10 Candles Men Will Love

Scented candles often come with pretty scents like flowers, but they need not be the preserve of our womenfolk as there are many other candles which will suit the rough and tumble existence of certain men without scoring any pansy points. While some modern men have no such worries as scoring pansy points, many of us do suffer from that terrible affliction of having a bunch of friends who constantly search for reasons to take the mickey out of us.

However, candles can actually be extremely beneficial to a man’s home life, as well as making cool gifts for a woman to buy her husband, boyfriend or family member. A man with such mickey-taking mates might not be overly keen to publically demonstrate his love for the scent of lavender, but there are plenty of other scents and candle types which he can indulge in without fear of reprisal. Here are ten candles for men which can improve his home environment or help him achieve that perfect atmosphere for a special occasion with his lady (wink wink, nudge nudge).

Yankee Candle Favourites for Men
Yankee Candle Favourites for Men

Vanilla Bourbon Jar Candle

The smoky notes of this bourbon scented candle are combined with vanilla, sugar cane and praline to create a sweet, cosy but very manly atmosphere when lit. The Woodwick candles also use a unique wick which burns consistently while producing a crackling effect reminiscent of a wood fire, which everybody knows are something only men understand how to start and maintain (come on, ladies, let us keep the wood fire thing).

Bourbon Creme Brulee Scented Candle Tin

A more decorative option that also includes the crackling fire effect wick is this similarly bourbon scented candle which also features hints of cinnamon, clove and raisin. The candle holder features a lid so the candle can be closed completely when not in use, and eventually when the candle is all burned out you will still have a handy container for nuts and bolts, screws and other manly items which require a container.

Merry Marshmallow Candle

If you’re going to make the most of these special Yankee candles then why not go the whole hog and recreate that awesome campfire atmosphere with this Marshmallow scented candle. Just beware – it might inspire you to pack a bag full of tins of beans before heading off into the woods to do manly things like chop wood and have important discussions about whether Aaron Lennon’s lightning speed justifies his inclusion in the England squad.

Merry Marshmallow Wax Tart
Merry Marshmallow Wax Tart

Clean Cotton Scented Tealights

Men are always copping flack for failing to change the bed sheets regularly but that’s only because we have more important things to do like building things, breaking things and watching the snooker. We can overcome this failing somewhat though with these Clean Cotton scented candles which will emanate a scent of fresh linen throughout the home. Job done, lads. Now how’s Ronnie doing?

Tapered Dinner Candles

Every man needs to be prepared to dazzle a lady from time to time, be it a second or third date where you have decided to impress her with the only meal you know how to cook, or a long time partner who loves it when you get all romantic every now and then (when the snooker’s not on, of course). Such occasions require fancy dinner candles to create that sensual atmosphere as you sexily explain that the chicken might be a bit burnt.

Ylang Ylang & Cardamom Pillar Candle

Once you have somehow convinced your lady that the green beans were meant to be black and taste like charcoal, then it’s time to relax and start slowly nudging that romantic atmosphere towards the moment where you finally lean forward, hold her hand and offer to cuddle for a bit (this is a family website, so we’re cuddling and holding hands, okay?). For such moments, a man can only help his chances of getting a nice cuddle by lighting a candle infused with the scents of Ylang Ylang which has strong aphrodisiac properties.

Sea Breeze Organic Pillar Candle

As brave men of action, we don’t always have time for soppy nonsense though and sometimes we just want to be reminded of how awesome life can be when we’re on one of our manly adventures, like wrestling sharks or shopping for timber at Homebase. This simple pillar candle which will fill your room with the scent of a sea breeze so you can imagine the waves crashing against the boat as you fend off giant sharks and monstrous squids with nothing but your wits. And a harpoon. Always bring a harpoon when you wrestle giant imaginary squids.

Candle Gift for Him
Candle Gift for Him

Grapefruit Essential Oil Pillar Candle

You don’t need to worry about having the grapes when you’ve got the grapefruits. This mini pillar candle smells awesome and it’s made from plant wax so you can show off how sustainable you are. Not entirely sure how plants feel about this kind of candle, I did ask a few from the garden but as of writing this sentence they have yet to make a comment.

Ivory Pillar Candle

We like big stuff, don’t we, fellas? And you’ll be hard pushed to find a bigger candle than this beauty, rightfully called the Mammoth. It’s so big that it actually features three wicks so it’s technically three candles in one. Huge candles such as this Ivory Pillar Candle actually make great ornaments and they last so long that you won’t have to buy another for ages, leaving you plenty of extra cash to spend down the pub or on that new Xbox game (that pretty much covers everything we spend our money on, right?).

Household Roomscenter Candles

Let’s finish on that age old problem the ladies have always complained about and that is the human male’s unmatched ability to stink a room out. We sweat, we fart and we’re damned if we’re ever going to stop. However, there are solutions to these odours we can’t help but occasionally emit such as these Roomscenter candles which neutralise unwanted smells. The candles contain Odourfoyl which can render unpleasant scents and other odours like pet smells undetectable leaving your home smelling clean and fresh.

Celebrate World Environment Day with Eco-Friendly Candles

On the 5th of June every year, the world celebrates World Environment Day. Run by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), this world wide event is aimed at raising global awareness and being the most widely celebrated day for environmental action. World Environment Day is hosted every year by a different city with a different theme. This year, Mongolia is hosting this year’s World Environment Day celebrations.

World Environment Day 2013
World Environment Day 2013

The organizers of World Environment Day call the world to action again this year, encouraging people around the world to do whatever they can to contribute to making their earth a safer, healthier, and happier place to live.

So what are some of the things you can do? Here are a few ideas:

• Organize a neighbourhood clean-up.

• Stop using plastic bags.

• Walk to work.

• Stop food waste.

• Use less hot water.

• Plant a tree.

• Start a recycling drive.

• Save electricity by using candles

Here at Scented Candle Shop, we believe in this important programme, and in the environment. Candles are a fantastic way of contributing to the health of the world around you. We have an extensive range of eco-friendly candles that will help you celebrate World Environment Day in an attractive way while doing your part!

If your ambition is to help save the environment, you can start your contribution right now. Having a selection of candles around the home makes for an attractive atmosphere but also helps you do your part for the environment – not just on June 5th but all year round. Lighting candles is a great way to save on electricity and reduce your carbon footprint. Eating dinner by candlelight is always enjoyable, not to mention romantic. Look no further than Scented Candle Shop for all your environmentally friendly candle needs!

Go Green with Eco Candles!

You will love our range of natural wax candles, including our wonderfully healthy and eco-friendly Beeswax candles. Made from 100% beeswax and sourced naturally from bees, these candles are smokeless and sootless, and produce a sweet honey scent that is divine.

Soy wax candles are clean burning and wonderfully green. Made from a renewable resource, soy candles are the perfect choice for vegetarians who are looking for a product that reflects their environment-conscious outlook.

Looking for organic candles? Browse through our inspiring range of organic jar candles. Combining pure essential oils, organic and vegan plant wax, you will definitely appreciate their beautiful fragrance and down-to-earth style. Try mixing your own fragrances with our versatile soy beads.

With these wonderfully organic candles in your home, you can rest assured that you are working with nature, not against it!

Heaven Scent Grass Jar Candle
Heaven Scent Grass Jar Candle
Beanpod Earthly Embrace Jar Candle
Beanpod Earthly Embrace Jar Candle
Beeswax Candle
Beeswax Candle

Get Rid of Cigarette Smoke

Tobacco odours can be very difficult to banish, but there are many wonderful ways to tackle the problem and get rid of cigarette smoke in your home and freshen your environment.

One great way of neutralising cigarette smoke in your home is by using one of the many anti-tobacco candles available. The great thing about candles is the unobtrusive style that will never give away its anti-tobacco purpose; candles are warm, attractive and very inviting in any home.

There are a variety of smoking room candles to choose from. The smallest and most discreet candles include the Price’s Anti Tobacco Tea Lights and Bolsius Anti-Tobacco Tea Lights, which can be dotted around the home or placed inside your favourite tea light holders. The Price’s Anti-Tobacco Fragrance Tins are also fantastic in that they can be stored away and taken with you on your travels.

Bolsius Anti-Tobacco Tea Lights
Bolsius Anti-Tobacco Tea Lights

The most striking smoke eliminating candles include the Bolsius Anti-Tobacco Frosted Glass Candle, and the Yankee Candle Just Plain Clean Scented Glass Tumbler. Combining effective odour eliminators with fresh scents, any unwanted smells will soon disappear for good.

Bolsius Anti-Tobacco Frosted Glass Candle
Bolsius Anti-Tobacco Frosted Glass Candle

If the safety and convenience of candles is a concern in your household, there is another alternative; have you considered electronic cigarettes? VapeClub electronic cigarettes are completely odourless and reusable so you can use them whenever and wherever you want to, without the worry of tobacco smoke, lingering odours and carcinogens in your home.

The VapeClub electronic cigarettes release a natural and untainted puff of vapour making the entire experience similar to what you have always been used to, whilst eliminating any second-hand smoke danger.

Electronic cigarettes are a fantastic alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes, not only promoting health and safety within enclosed spaces or around your family and friends, but also preventing long-term odours permeating your home and even the surfaces and clothing throughout your household.

If electronic cigarettes are something you’ve been thinking about, here’s the perfect opportunity to try our free electronic cigarette. Cheaper, re-usable, odourless and harmless to others around you, why not try our VapeClub solution for your nicotine needs.

Colony Candles

Colony are a candle brand who know what they are doing, Colony Candles use fine wax blends and natural fragrances to bring wonderful scents into your home. Colony Candles are made in The Lake District U.K and their range include jar, votive, tea light, Home Doctor Odour Eliminating Candles and wax melts. In addition to Colony Candles they also have a great range of reed diffusers, car fragrances, room mist, sachets and electric diffusers.

Vanilla & Cranberry Classic Jar Colony Candles

Vanilla and Cranberry Jar Candle
Vanilla and Cranberry Jar Candle

Indulge your senses and those of whoever comes into your home with this wonderful uplifting vanilla and cranberry classic jar candle. Ideal for Christmas this great fragrance combines juicy sweet cranberries with a generous serving of creamy vanilla, which will flow across the air in your home smoothly and luxuriously. Contained in the vanilla and cranberry classic jar are pure perfume oils and they can burn for up to approximately 65 hours. You can even use the lids to snuff out the candle after use, preventing long hair or clothing getting damaged by blowing candles out. There are many other fragrances to choose from in the classic colony jar candle range, so make sure you have a good look and find the ones to compliment the rooms in your home.

Home Doctor Odour Eliminating Colony Candles

The nose doctor won’t have any gripes with you when you have some Home Doctor Odour Eliminating Colony Candles in your home to freshen it up. The Home Doctor Odour Eliminating Candles combine odour neutralisers with soft, clean fragrances making your house a home to enjoy, even if you have smelly people living there. There are a few options available to you when looking at Home Doctor Odour Eliminating Candles such as candle tins, corked jars, tea lights, and votive candles.

Smoke Eater Home Doctor Corked Jar Colony Candles

Smoke Eater Colony Candle
Smoke Eater Colony Candle

This smoke eating corked jar candle by Colony is ideal for masking smoke smells, whether they are yours, or guests coming into your home. By lighting smoke eater candles after smokers have finished you will release summer freshness, getting rid of nasty smells. The burn time for this candle is approximately 30 hours, allowing you plenty of use in tidying up dirty habits. In addition to the smoke eater, you can also eliminate other bad odours with Home Doctor fragrances Cooks Friend, Bathroom Fresh and Pets Remedy.