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Cocktail Candles for Parties

Summer is here and alongside the arrival of the warm air and light nights is a myriad of delicious alcoholic beverages full of wondrous tastes and associations with this time of year. A barbecue or summer party simply wouldn’t be complete without the likes of Prosecco, Malibu and Margarita in full flow. As well as drinks and food that are synonymous with the summer helping create a pleasant summertime vibe, candles can effectively augment the unique feeling generated by such joyous occasions. Take a look at the following three candles that will help transform your home into an oasis of tropical summer splendour.

Summer Fruit & Prosecco Candle Tin

What could be a more seasonal cocktail at this time of the year than summer fruit blended with Prosecco? This delicious taste can be vividly captured by our sense of smell with this Summer Fruit & Prosecco candle. Simply light the wick and fill the room with this tantalising fragrance of summer. In recreating such a desirable summer cocktail, this Pintail Candle Tin is the perfect accessory to get guests in the mood for summer drinking at a party.

Check Out Our New Summer Yankee Jar Candles
Check Out Our New Summer Yankee Jar Candles

Paradise Spice Yankee Candle

With its fresh coconut flavour and sweet undertone, Malibu is widely cited as being sunshine in a bottle. Whilst we can’t sit around drinking Malibu cocktails all summer, we can indulge our sense of smell with Paradise Spice candles. The Paradise Spice Candle range of Yankee Candles, wax tarts, tealights and votive candles, blend a scent of bananas, lush vanilla, fringed with cinnamon and cloves to craft a true exotic island fragrance – You can almost picture the Malibu being poured by the barman on the beach.

This essential summer candle has been meticulously blended using natural extracts. The sweet-smelling, tropical aroma Paradise Spice candles give off is almost guaranteed to generate swathes of complimentary comments by people visiting your home. Asides the praise, Paradise Spice is likely to evoke a desire to sip summer cocktails on a faraway beach, where the sand is white and the palm trees provide some much-needed shade to lie back and drink in the idyllic summer scene.

Relax to the Sweet Smell from This Paradise Spice Votive Sampler
Relax to the Sweet Smell from This Paradise Spice Votive Sampler

Strawberry & Summer Wine Tin Candle

If you were asked to name the ultimate summer fruit, strawberries would have to be a leading contender. In fact what could be better than spending a warm summer’s evening accompanying juicy strawberries with a chilled glass of summer wine? This idyllic summer setting is replicated with the sweet aroma of the Strawberry & Summer Wine Candle Tin. This profound aroma blends the scent of strawberries with a heady fragrance of oaky summer wine. Encased in a silver holder, the Pintail Scented Candle Tin Strawberry & Summer Wine makes a stylish addition to the home as well as creating a mouth-watering fragrance – The perfect accessory for every home during the warm, light and cocktail-sipping summer months.

Why Every Homeowner Needs a Citronella Candle


First of all, I must admit to some deception with regards the wording of this article’s title; it’s not just every homeowner who needs to invest in some citronella candles but anybody and everybody who lives anywhere regardless of whether you actually own the place. The summer months are arriving and there will (hopefully) be plenty of good weather to enjoy. The only problem with that is we’re not the only ones to enjoy stripping off and prancing about in the sunshine.

The bane of all our summers are the bugs and insects that descend on us in droves during the hot, or at least occasionally warm, months. There are the clouds of little midges that follow us about, just above our heads, rarely perturbed by our erratic hand waving and seemingly intent on driving us utterly insane. Then there are all the wasps that harass us at picnics and insist on sharing our drinks while we try and fail to relax in the garden. And then there’s the blood-sucking mosquitos buzzing past our ears just as we’re about to drift off into blissful sleep.

My fellow humans, enough is enough. The time has come for us to strike back and reclaim the summer.

The War on Bugs

Check out this Citronella fact Sheet
Check out this Citronella fact sheet!

Throughout history we have constantly concocted myriad repellents and anti-insect devices to help us battle against these pests. But while the nets, sticky papers and the special creams are important weapons in our arsenals, nature itself has been providing us with a natural remedy since before we even invented the fly swatter.

Citronella is a genus of trees and shrubberies which include the well-known lemongrass, and the oil from citronella leaves is a natural insect repellent which is especially effective against mosquitoes. It’s so effective that it is frequently used by various militaries around the world and has actually been registered as a primary insect repellent in the USA since 1948.

One study even showed that Citronella candles reduced bites by 45%, mostly due to the two-pronged defence mechanism that Citronella employs to repel the likes of mosquitoes, black flies, fleas and even ticks.

How Citronella Repels Insects

A Citronella Candle can be your best friend during the warmer months of the year.
Citronella Candles repel flying insects with an effective yet gentle citronella fragrance.

Citronella candles have the essential oil from the lemongrass plant blended into the wax, so as the candle burns the oil is released into the air surrounding the candle. This Citronella-fused air masks the scents of the human body, confusing mosquitoes and corrupting their ability to identify you as a potential host.

Citronella oil also irritates the feet of mosquitoes and other equally bloodthirsty bugs. If you are close to burning Citronella oil or apply it directly to your skin, it will render them incapable of landing on you even if they do manage to identify you as a lovely feast.

Citronella is often used in insect repellent creams and sprays because of these valuable properties, though it is also popular due to its citrus-like scent which is refreshing to the human nose. The oil has minimal or zero risk to the environment and other wildlife due to its low toxicity levels, though it is generally recommended to only burn it outside where a breeze can help with the dispersion.

Other Benefits of Citronella Candles

For even more ideas, be sure to discover our full range of garden candles and garden candle accessories to create the perfect atmosphere, whatever the weather!

It’s not just in the battle against bitey bugs that Citronella is useful. It also helps relieve stress, easing all sorts of headaches and even migraines. The oil of Citronella itself can be applied directly to aching joints and muscles where its mild warming effect can relieve pain and soreness. Another known use of the oil is as a natural astringent, helping to unclog the pores of greasy skin.

Another interesting, but seemingly contradictory effect of Citronella is its ability to help combat nervous fatigue in human beings by energising them, while at the same time being known to calm down barking dogs. Maybe the barking was just concern at the number of bitey bugs in the local vicinity and thus the lighting of a Citronella candle helps soothe their worries. Dogs do have a way of knowing things sometimes.

Citronella Candle Varieties

Citronella Garden Scented Tealights - Rosemary
Citronella Garden Scented Tealights – Rosemary
Garden Citronella Insect Repellent Candles
Garden Citronella Insect Repellent Candles
Handcrafted Citronella Candle - Yellow
Handcrafted Citronella Candle  – Yellow Flower


There are quite a few different kinds of Citronella candles to choose from at Scented Candle Shop, and you will find all of them to be extremely reasonably priced. You can get simple Citronella tealights that come in packs of 18 allowing you to spread them around a large area to create an impenetrable shield of defiance to drive away even the most hellacious horde of marauding mozzies.

There are also some delightfully designed candles which deviate from Citronella’s natural yellow colour, allowing you to not only fight off the flying flesh-hungry fiends but to decorate your garden with fantastically colourful and ornamentally interesting candles as well. There are large multi-wick Citronella candles as well as tinned candles and others that come packaged in coloured glass jars.

You won’t find a finer selection of cheap Citronella candles anywhere else so start stock-piling your weapons with nature’s own solution to our pest problems as this year’s war against the world’s bitey little beggars is just about to begin. To arms!

Bring the Outdoors to Life with Garden Candles

From tiny tea lights defining a pathway to the entrance of a house to hanging candles swinging majestically on a branch, drawing attention to a magnificent tree, candles can bring a garden to life all year round. Whether you’re planning on having a party in the garden this Easter or merely want to introduce some warmth and colour into your garden during the cold and bare winter months, candles, in their various guises, can be used to bring life, colour and vibrancy to a garden. So which candles should you use either as a permanent fixture in your garden or as an effective temporary accessory at a party?

Hanging Candles

Whether it’s a tree, bird table, archway or bush, you can bring a feature of your garden to life by lighting it up with a hanging candle. Hanging candle holders come in a huge range of styles, such as a hanging glass holder designed to hold tea lights or a hanging heart candle holder made out of wire. Simply choose one that you like and that is in keeping with the rest of your garden. Buy some tea light candles which are designed for the outdoors, as they will typically have a longer burn time than indoor candles. Place the candle in the holder and then hang it from your desired location. When dusk settles, the flickering glow of the candle will cast a warming and intriguing aura in your garden.

Hanging Outdoor Candles Perfect for Garden Parties

Terracotta Pot Candles

Terracotta pots have to be one of the most authentic garden objects in existence. There is something about a garden brimming with terracotta pots that denotes an active gardener and a flourishing garden. Positioning a terracotta pot candle amongst the pots will make a fantastic permanent feature in your outdoor space, lighting up the way and creating atmosphere all year round. Such candles typically come with a long burn time, as much as 25 hours, meaning it can be re-lit and enjoyed on a number of occasions before you have to replace the candle.

Terracotta Pot Candles
Terracotta Pot Candles

Floating Candles

Do you have a pond, swimming pool or any kind of water feature in your garden? If so, bring the feature to life by placing floating candles on the water. The pretty candles gently floating on the water will not only create light after dark but will cast an effective and pretty ambience in any outdoor space, perfect for a party or a gathering or merely for yourself and the family to enjoy.

Floating Candle Ideas for Weddings
Floating Candle Ideas for Weddings

DIY Outdoor Candle Ideas

Don’t worry if you haven’t got a water feature in your garden, simply make your own by filling up a large bowl with water, placing it a table outdoors and skimming the water with a number of pretty floating candles. If you’ve got a number of redundant plant pots doing little more than cluttering up the garden shed, make use of them by filling them with soil and placing tea lights into the jars – the perfect way to bring a garden to life without spending any money.

Bolsius Lowboy Candles
Bolsius Lowboy Candles

10 Incredible Floating Candle Ideas

There is nothing quite like candles elegantly and gently floating upon water to create a soft, charismatic and even romantic atmosphere. One of the best components of floating candles is that they can be used both inside and outside. So if you want to craft an atmospheric vibe either in the interior or exterior of your home, take a look at the following ten incredible floating candle ideas. You will be truly amazed at how little it costs to create a beautiful look and grab everyone’s attention. Floating candles will easily create a warm and romantic mood. So if you’re deciding to pop the question or surprise your partner, these candles will help you to do just that.

Top Floating Candle Centrepieces for Your Home

Floating Candle Martini Glasses

1. Floating in Martini Glasses

Want to cause a stir and generate conversation when the guests arrive for a dinner party? Then light up a dining table by placing floating candles in the Martini glasses – a simply yet utterly effective use of floating candles. This incredible candle idea will make perfect wedding table decorations too!

2. Make Your Pond the Focal Point

If you have a pond in your garden and are having an outdoor party that will extend into the twilight hours, bring light to this pretty feature of your garden by floating candles on the water. Simply buy some elegant white floating candles, light them and scatter them across the pond, guaranteed to lift the mood of the party and generate compliments and conversation.

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Floating Candles for Birdbaths

3. Combine Flowers with Candles

If you are wanting to put a unique, creative and effective feature in your home without spending a fortune, position some floating candles alongside some flower heads in a pot of water. This ‘spring-inducing’ feature would be a fantastic way to lighten up a hallway or landing.

4. Relax In the Bath

Candles in bathrooms have long been associated with relaxation, aromatherapy and romance and none more so than having candles gently floating in the bath. Dim the lights, light the candles and let yourself unwind in luxury after a busy day.

pool lums twe CMYK
Perfect Pool Floating Candles

5. Brighten up a Birdbath

If you are having an outdoor party create some light (and attention) in the most unusual of places such as placing several floating candles in the birdbath. Be particularly inventive by putting butterfly floating candles in birdbath to mimic nature in a colourful and entertaining way.

6.  Place in the Sink

If you are going on a romantic weekend away with your partner and are looking to introduce some romantic gestures into the break then putting a solitary floating candle in the sink in the bathroom of the hotel room will be a dreamy and loving gesture.

Floating Candle Centrepieces

7. Vases Are Not Just for Flowers

The house can look depressingly bare once the Christmas decorations have been taken down. Help obliterate these blues by floating some candles in a vase full of water. Bring additional interest to the vase by adding glass pebbles or coloured water, or even both.

8. Pretty Up Pitchers

If you’re going on a barbecue or having a picnic floating candles in a pitcher will be an effective and romantic touch. For example, bring some additional spice to a pitcher or sangria by placing some yellow floating candles amongst the slices of lemon and ice.

Floating Candles for Weddings

9. Floating Rose Centrepiece

Bring a dining table to life placing a floating rose centrepiece in the middle of the table. Simply fill an elegant glass bowl full of water, place some glass pebbles at the bottom of the bowl and float several gorgeous rose floating candles on top of the water. So if you’re stuck for dinner party decoration ideas, these candles are ideal and will completely change the look of your room.

10. Make the Most of the Swimming Pool

If you’re lucky enough to have a swimming pool then make sure you show it off at every given opportunity. If it isn’t the weather for encouraging guests to skinny dip in the pool after dark, show off this central feature by floating a myriad of candles on top of the water – A mesmerising, romantic and atmospheric way to bring some light to an outdoor party.

Light Up Your Life with LED Candles

LED Candles for Outdoor Parties!
LED Candles for Outdoor Parties!

If you love your candles but aren’t too keen on messy, melted wax or simply want to avoid naked flames, LED candles are a fantastic alternative!

Totally safe and flame free, our battery-operated candles look exactly like real candles, complete with flickering artificial flame, but without the need to light them. You can choose artificial LED candles that look completely real or wax LED candles with real wax exterior that will never melt!

Each flameless candle operates with a switch at the bottom and works with AA batteries, lithium batteries, or rechargeable batteries. These candles do not burn or produce heat or smoke, so are very friendly to the environment. They are ideal for households with children or animals, where naked flames are not advisable.

No Flame, Your Gain!

LED Tea Light candles look great when used in tall vases. During Christmas try placing leaves and berries in the vase along with the candle. You’ll never have to worry about the wax dripping on them or the flame burning them.

LED candles are very useful at events like weddings or anniversaries. The last thing you want is to be concerned about linens or centrepieces catching on fire. They are also very handy for religious services, where numerous candles are required and can be left unattended. The Jewish culture use LED candles on the Sabbath instead of traditional candles, which would have to be lit by striking a match.

Benefits of LED Candles

    The safety and convenience factors of LED candles cannot be overemphasized. Consider the following points:

  • Flameless candles are great for the environment as they don’t contribute to air pollution.
  • Elderly people with mobility or sight problems will enjoy the ease of LED candles.
  • Flameless candles are perfect for garden parties and are not affected by windy nights.
  • Flameless candles are ideal for your child’s nursery or bedroom where safety is paramount.
  • People with health problems who don’t have the best mobility yet who want the comforting flicker of a nearby candle
    will benefit greatly from LED candles.

You’ll love ScentedCandleShop’s inspiring variety of LED candles. We have Christmas candles, melted wax pillar candles, rechargeable candles, tapered dinner candles, party lights, and more! Start a collection and bring your home or venue to life with safe, flame-free, smokeless LED candles!

Smart Candle Party LIght Set
Smart Candle Party LIght Set
Rechargeable Smart Candles
Rechargeable Smart Candles

Smart Tapered Candles
Smart Tapered Candles