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Choosing The Right Candle For Your Home

Many people use candles in their home for far more than just being handy,when the electric goes off. They are now an essential part of a room’s ambience and décor, and can be obtained in a myriad of shapes, sizes, colours and scents. Here are some ideas for you to consider.

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Add a Touch of Romance To Your Night With TeaLights

Think About Colour

The colour of a candle may well, but not always, denote the fragrance that will fill the room. So when buying, consider not only that it will match your décor, but whether the strong scent of lemon, orange or blueberry is what you require. Often the description will make it obvious,but a little investigation will allow you to find bright coloured candles, that are not scent specific.

Size & Height

This may seem a bit unimportant at first, but consider where the candles are going. Long tall, church candles may look impressive, but you need the space for them, and maybe even a pedestal to put them on. Ones that go on shelves and window ledges, may need to be small and somewhat guarded, by being inside a non-flammable container. Candles for alcoves that throw an enhanced colour into the room will need a transparent candle holder, although natural crystals make excellent candle holders.

Bring Height To Your Room With Pillar Candles

Choosing The Perfect Fragrance

Summer fresh or winter warmth, the smell of home baking or oriental mystery, you can choose. There are fragrances for just about every situation and room in the house.

If you hold dinner parties, you may require something that does not overpower the smell of your hard work in the kitchen, but gives a pleasant feeling to your table arrangements like our cosy Home Sweet Home Housewarmer Jar. In the bathroom, a lighted candle can help with general odour, or accompany your luxuriously long soak. Take a look at the Colony Home Doctor Bathroom Fresh Votives.

If you are an animal lover and share your home with cats and dogs, or if you live in an old house that has its own particular smell, odour eliminating candles can be a godsend, to aid in keeping the home somewhat fresh.

Bringing You Fresh New Yankee Candle Fragrances Into Your Home

Think of The Occasion

Everyone associates candles flickering, with romance. It may not be such a good idea, to have them situated, all around the bed. However, they can play their part in the dining room, during an intimate dinner for two. The Frosted Rose Scented Glitter Jar Candle is ideal for this purpose, being a striking centrepiece and very romantic.

Many people also use scented candles for meditation, to create a calming atmosphere and the right ambience to go into a deep state, or even go astral travelling. The art of Feng Shui is now very popular, and many people consider the layout of the room to be exceedingly beneficial to harmony and calm in their lives. Candles often play a big part in creating the right balance.


Christmas Party Candle Ideas

Christmas parties are lively, fun, spirited and vibrant and when decorating for this special occasion it’s time to pull out all the stops. The use of candles can significantly enhance the overall look and feel of a Christmas party, creating a classy and stimulating edge. If you are unsure about how to utilise these timeless Xmas aides, then take a look at the following top Christmas party candle ideas. If you’re striving to create a traditional festive look at your Christmas party the pillar candles will augment the traditionalism of the occasion. Opt for a traditional festive colour, such as gold, red or green, or a pillar candle with Christmassy patterns embellished onto the wax, such as stars, snowflakes and ivy. Scatter this classic Christmas décor throughout the house. Make sure you light these elegant and striking candles before your guests arrive to make a decorative statement in your home.

Christmas Scented Candles

So Christmas might not be synonymous with garden partying but if the lawn is crisp with snow or the sky is blue (it can occasionally happen) you may want to take your guests outdoors for some fresh air. Outdoor garden candles will make a great addition to a Christmas party that ventures outdoors. The Jar Candle in red is an ideal outdoor decoration for a Christmas party. With a robust jar that shields the flame from the elements, this stylish candle is designed to weather the great outdoors. In glowing with such vibrant colour will create a warm and welcoming mood in even the frostiest of gardens at Christmas.

Festive Jars
Yankee Christmas Jars

Christmas Dinner Candles

Whether you are serving buffet-style finger food or a full sit-down meal, your Christmas dinner table is likely to be one of the focal points of your party. The table therefore needs to be decorated suitably. Being tall, slender and elegant, Christmas dinner candles set the scene impeccably. For a real festive feel, place red tapered dinner candles in the centre of the table. For additional warmth and effectiveness, aim to have enough candles lighting up the dining room and dinner table that you eradicate the need for any artificial lighting.

Christmas Dinner Candles

Christmas Tea Lights

Whatever time of year it is tea lights always make a great addition to a party but particularly during the festive season when decorations and accessories are all about creating a characterful and atmospheric ambience. Scattering Christmas tea lights throughout the rooms the guests will be in will add a warm and welcoming cheer to the party. Putting tea lights in rooms where guests are likely to visit more infrequently such as the bathroom and cloakroom will be a classy and thoughtful touch. As it is likely to be dark when your guests either arrive or depart, lighting up the walkway with a row of tea lights in order to guide guests into the entrance of the party would be a sensible and welcoming precaution.

Tea Light Candles for Christmas

Fun Christmas Candle Games

There’s lots of fun to be had with candles during Christmas time when the house is often full of folks wanting to have a bit of fun. Here are five original games to play and make the most out of your candles.

Candle Car Racing

Attach a short candle to a matchbox or small piece of wood (your ‘car’) by melting a bit of wax onto the surface and placing the candle firmly onto it before it solidifies. Then get a long piece of string, between a metre or two in length, and tie one end to your candle car and the other end to a pen or pencil. After lighting the candle and laying out the string, you must ‘drive’ your car to the finish line by winding the string around the pencil. If the car topples or the candle goes out then you must stop and set it right and relight the flame before continuing.

Candle Archery Contest

It’s not really archery, I suppose, because the bow and arrow is simply your breath, but the principle is basically the same. Set up a series of target candles, each further away than the last, and attempt to blow them out one at a time, scoring points according to the distance between you and the candle. The ideal candle for this kind of game would be the Bolsius Tapered Candles as they are sturdy, colourful and available at a good price.

Candle Game Favourites


Two blindfolded players stand facing each other while holding a lit candle in one hand. They can move it to wherever they like but must keep it in that place for the entirety of their opponent’s move. Then they take turns trying to blow their opponent’s candle out, though they can only blow in one direction (no whirling about blowing everywhere). It will need a referee, or even better why not team up and have sighted partners give directions, perhaps with some restrictions on what they can say to help their blindfolded teammate.

Candle Relay Racing

There are couple of varieties of this kind of game you can try. One version is to give two teams two candles each and light them to begin. Then, the first players have to blow out one candle and relight it with the other, before blowing out the second candle and relighting it with the first candle. Then he passes the two relit candles onto his teammate who repeats the process. Another version is to use just one candle but provide the team with a lighter or box of matches, and each player has to blow out the candle and then relight it before passing it on.

Fireman Frenzy

An outdoors game, unless you don’t mind drenching your living room carpet, in which you line up a series of candles at suitable distances from each other and attempt to extinguish the flames with water. Various methods can be applied, from taking a mouthful of water from a cup and aiming with your mouth or even using a water pistol. You can have singles competition or team up and try to put out all the candles before the other mob. As the candles get soaked, it can be a good idea to use plain Unscented Tealight Candles as they are cheap and plentiful.

The Amazing History of Beeswax

There are several advantages that beeswax candles have over ordinary paraffin wax candles, including producing far less toxicity due to the lack of smoke and having a longer burn time. Beeswax itself has been utilised for thousands of years for a wide variety of applications, and as a natural polymer it is actually one of the first plastics ever to be used by humans along with the likes of tortoiseshell, horn from animal antlers and the latex resin from a particular family of trees from the genus Palaquium. Beeswax is particularly malleable though and thus is ideal for inclusion in the ingredients of a candle.

The beeswax is originally created by worker bees that secrete it from special glands on their abdomens to form the honeycomb cells within which they house their young and store honey and pollen. The bees must consume a lot more honey in order to create it (about eight times as much) and it is thought that over the course of producing just 1lb of beeswax, a bee will have flown the equivalent of approximately six times around the earth (150,000 miles). So when you’re burning a beeswax candle, rest assured you are using a product that a hell of a lot of hard work has gone into, and that’s just before we humans get our hands on it.

Learn More about Beeswax

Indispensable Beeswax

Another benefit of using beeswax is that it doesn’t decompose or go off. Even ancient beeswax can be reused by heating it and reshaping it, not that the beeswax found in ancient Egyptian tombs was recycled like this, as its importance as a historical record dictates that it remains as found. Beeswax has also been discovered on wrecked Viking ships as well as in the archaeological dig sites of Roman ruins, though one of the oldest uses of beeswax dates back even further to over five thousand years ago, when it was used in the process of lost-wax casting, where you cover an object in the wax and let it set, creating a mould by which the sculptor can then create multiple copies of the original object.

Another well-known ancient use of beeswax was in the creation of wax tablets which were portable writing surfaces which could be recycled and reused over and over again. Other historical uses include strengthening sewing thread, an ingredient in sealing wax and also as a component in the manufacture of long bows. Later, more militaristic uses were found for beeswax as it was used as a lubricant for bullets in cap and ball firearms and there are also some explosive materials in which beeswax was used to stabilise the material, before eventually being replaced by more efficient substances such as petroleum-based ingredients. Beeswax is also known to have been used as an ancient type of dental filling.

Ancient Beeswax Tablet

More Amazing Uses for Beeswax

Artistically, beeswax has had many uses as well, with perhaps its most famous use being in the creation of encaustic hot wax paintings. The process involves heating beeswax and then adding colour pigments before the wax is painted onto a canvas or wood surface. The Egyptians used this method for their Fayum mummy portraits of the 2nd and 3rd centuries, though the method remained popular throughout the centuries that followed. The 20th century saw artists such as Fritz Faiss revitalise the process as an art form and since his death in 1981, the encaustic painting technique has grown increasingly popular with more and more artists innovating new ways of utilising beeswax using tools such as electric irons and hotplates.

The Javanese culture of Indonesia often uses beeswax when making Batik, which is a cloth made via a traditional wax-resistant dyeing method. The designs of Batik are very important as only people of nobility are allowed to wear certain colours and patterns. During traditional Javanese events and occasions, it is said to be possible to identify the lineage of all nobility by the Batik cloth they are adorned in.

In the modern Western world, you’ll find beeswax as a common ingredient in a lot of cosmetic products as well as its increasing popularity as a candle ingredient. Its popularity is justified due to the fact that a 100% pure beeswax candle like these Price’s Beeswax Pillar Candles burn completely clean and pure, producing no smoke or soot which is an unfortunate by-product of regular paraffin candles. The unbleached beeswax actually acts as an air deodoriser removing unpleasant odours from the atmosphere of the room it’s burned in. The flames of beeswax candles are also renowned for being clean and bright, which altogether makes them one of the best choices you can make when you buy candles online.

Pros and Cons of Battery Operated LED Candles

If you love candles but worry about the safety issues involved, especially if you have young children or pets running around which may knock them over, then you don’t necessarily have to miss out on the ambient effects that candlelight can provide your home. LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology has been utilised to create safe candles that operate without a flame and are perfectly safe in the company of curious children or excitable pets.

Advantages of LED Flameless Candles

Check out the Do’s and Dont’s Candle Advice from the UK Fire Service here.
Check out the Do’s and Dont’s Candle Advice from the UK Fire Service here.

The main advantage that LED Flameless Candles have over normal candles is obvious, in that they do not have a hot flame which requires constant monitoring so you don’t have to worry about them falling over and setting the curtains on fire. But also consider the lack of melted wax which can damage surfaces, clothing and carpets should a real candle spill or drip somewhere inappropriate. Then there’s the fact that you do not need to ensure you have turned it off before falling asleep, which can be a serious danger with wax candles burning down to nothing leaving the flame perilously close to other flammable material. While all are excellent advantages, how much of the beautiful ambience that normal candles produce is sacrificed when using an LED Flameless Candle? Thanks to some excellent modern designs, it’s not much at all.

Flameless Candles Mimic Wax Candles & Flames

There are plenty of LED candles which operate simply as candle-shaped lamps, but there is also a growing selection of flameless candles which not only have flame-shaped bulbs but actually mimic the natural flicker of a wax candle’s flame too. Alongside the multicoloured options, there are LED candles which emit the same colour light as a flame. Many of these safe candles feature casings designed to resemble melted wax pillars as well.

Smart Wax Pillar Candle
Smart Silicone Tapered Candles
Smart Candle Tea Light

Consider the 9” Wax Pillar Smart Candle which you would struggle to identify as an LED candle unless you look very closely at the “flame”. There are many designs like this which along with the flickering flame effect can pass for real candles every time. They produce a similar lighting effect, allowing you to create that relaxed atmosphere only candles can provide only without the worry of a burning flame needing to be extinguished or kept out of reach of the dog’s wagging tail.

There are also LED table candles which can help create a romantic atmosphere just like ordinary wax dinner candles. Plus, if you use dinner candles regularly then you can actually save quite a bit of money in the long run by investing in LED dinner candles. In fact, if you use any candles regularly then the saved money is the other main advantage of flameless candles as they won’t need to be replaced nearly as often. Long after wax candles have melted away and needed replacing, the LED Flameless Candle will still be producing its candle-esque light and providing us with the relaxing ambience we all want in our homes.

The Main Disadvantage of LED Flameless Candles

Use a selection of LED Candles along with one scented candle to get your favourite scent and candle light effect with minimal risk
Use a selection of LED Candles with one scented candle to get your favourite scent and candle light effect with minimal risk.

There is one area where LED candles cannot compete with wax candles, and that’s in the scent and aroma department. Scented candles are extremely popular these days and for many people that is the main reason to have them around. They can dispel foul smells or just provide relaxing or energising aromas that just make being alive even better than it was already. But you really only need one small scented candle to fill a room with the aroma of your choice, and one small candle won’t fill a whole room with the ambient light that candles are known for. You need a few candles for that, and extra candles mean extra worry if you have a young family or a few furry friends running around. So if you’re a big fan of scented candles, there’s no need to sacrifice their scented aromas for the safety and assurance of flameless candles. A combination of both can work wonders as the LED Flameless Candles will provide the light while the scented wax candle only needs a short time alight to fill the room with your favourite scents.

Create Party Atmospheres with LED Candles

As well as the realistic flameless candles, there are plenty of LED candle-lights which are designed to be fun and emit colours such as blue, purple and green. They can make great accents for a room when you have some people round for an evening of fun. Even in our bedrooms, such multicoloured lights as these candles can produce excellent lighting conditions for doing whatever it is you might like to do with your partner in the bedroom. And you won’t have to worry about knocking them over should things get a little boisterous.

Smart Candle Rechargeable Candle
Colour Change Wax Pillar Candle
Flameless LED Battery Tea Lights