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Beautiful Lavender Scented Candles

If you are searching for ways to de-stress, you can begin by simply lighting a Lavender Scented Candle. Lavender is not a new scent, but has been proven effective in its uses by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and even the modern medical community. Use lavender to ease anxiety, headaches, mood, and even sleeplessness. The fresh natural floral scent is ideal for soothing your senses. So, next time you feel the stressed and very tense, light one of our uplifting lavender scented candles.

Aromatherapy Candles

Treat yourself and guests by brightening up your home with an assortment of Lavender Aromatherapy Scented Candles. You can simply drift away in the balance of lavender, rose, lime, caraway, elemi, myrrh and geranium with Parks Nature’s Own Enriching Glass Candle. Or, if you desire to relax with a heavenly mixture of lavender and chamomile without the worry of a flame look further to Soothing Chamomile & Lavender Copenhagen Pyramid Reed Diffusers.

The Orange Lavender Aromatherapy Relaxation Incense Sticks & Cones from Ashleigh & Burwood create a carefree summer feel no matter where you are that all your family and friends will fall in love with. You’ll absolutely love the heavenly floral scent and will enjoy relaxing after a long day at work with the sweet smell of lavender flowing through your home for hours.

Lavender Jar Candles

Take comfort in obtaining a longer lasting scent with Lavender Jar Candles. These candles last for longer periods of time and come with a lid in order to preserve the fragrant lavender scent. This way when you remove the lid, the beautiful lavender fragrance can console you just as it did the first time. If you’re looking to add this fresh yet floral scent all around your home we suggest our popular votive samplers. These votive candles fit nicely into most candle holders or sit well individually for momentary use, such as the bathtub ledge during bath time.

You can also use several of these lavender votive candles to create a fragrant relaxing gold ambiance. To experience an even deeper relaxation use the organic method and try Lavender Scented Soy Candles. Soy candles burn safer and cleaner, which will only heighten the joy of your worry free afternoon. So, sit back, relax, and find comfort in lighting a lavender scented soy candle. However, if you desire lavender in a purer form, immerse yourself in the healing powers of Lavender Essential Oils. Essential oils can be used in many ways too. Add drops of the essential oil to a warm cloth for your face or an oil burner to revitalize your senses.

Parks Aromatherapy Glass Candle
Parks Aromatherapy Glass Candle
Bridgewater Lavender Lane Jar Candle
Bridgewater Lavender Lane Jar Candle
Heaven Scent Lavender Pillar
Heaven Scent Lavender Pillar

Wedding Candle Holders

Planning your wedding day candle décor just got a little easier and more exciting. With the wide range of wedding candle holders at Scented Candle Shop you are sure to find just what you are looking for to make your wedding what you always dreamed. Check out the ideas below to add elegance to your special day!

Wedding Candle Centerpieces

Would you prefer a simple votive centerpiece or a tall, elegant candle holder centerpiece? At Scented Candle Shop we have all varieties for all budgets. For a dainty touch, try votive holders and trays such as the Yankee Candle Silver or Red and Silver Smash. We also have many tea light holders to compliment your wedding colour and style.

For an extravagant centerpiece, look in our Candle Stick Holders Section. Here you will be able to choose a lovely tall candle stick to wow your guests. The Price’s Mother of Pearl Candlestick is a hit at the dinner table for the rehearsal dinner or reception. Price’s Silver Plated Candlesticks are also an excellent choice for the unity candle lighting ceremony!

If you are having a winter wedding, browse through our Christmas candle holders section. There you will find many different candle holders with snowflakes, glitter and different winter colours and themes. For instance, the Christmas Tea Light Holders in Blue or Purple Glitter Berries are a gorgeous touch for a winter wedding without being restricted to the traditional Christmas theme.

Creative Tip:

Lantern Laden Maidens

Let your bridesmaids carry candle lanterns down the isle for an enchanted evening wedding ceremony. Place LED flameless tea light candles inside the lantern for a safe, flickering glow. Let each bridesmaid carry a lantern or simply have the flower girl and ring bearer each carry one as a cute couple. Scented Candle Shop has many candle lanterns to choose from in a variety of colours. Here are a couple favourites.

Candle Lantern (White)    Yankee Candle Tea Light Lantern (Wrought Iron Birds)

Wedding Candles

At Scented Candle Shop we are committed to helping you have the wedding you have always dreamed of. That’s why we provide a range of candles and wedding favours suited for royalty!

Amoureux Pillar Wedding Candle

Amoureux Pillar Wedding Candle with Crystal Brooch

The Amoureux Pillar Wedding Candle creates a beautiful centerpiece for reception tables and makes a wonderful gift for your guests to take home. Set one of these beside the guest book for a touch of elegance. Choose from our vast selection of candle plates in your wedding colour to elegantly compliment your wedding scheme. White ribbons and a crystal brooch add a precious touch to this charming candle.

Scented Rose Floating Candles

It is no secret that floating candles carry a magical trait that is sure to make any wedding memorable. Choose from small, medium, or large to make a beautiful centerpiece. These candles not only look beautiful but they too will uplift the senses on your wedding day with the aroma of roses in the air.

Tip: Try this wedding candle idea! Place stones of your wedding colour in a glass bowl or vase of water. Drop in a few different sizes of the scented rose floating candles and some fresh or artificial flowers and voila! You have an elegant centerpiece in no time! You can also experiment with placing different items in the bowl or even adding a hint of colour to the water with a few drops of food colouring. Try these ideas at home first to prepare for the big day and to personalize your wedding centerpieces.

Light Pink Rose Wedding Candles

Scented Rose Candle Pillars

Bring the scent of fresh cut roses to your wedding celebration. Choose from white, red, pink, and light pink to compliment your bouquet. Arrange these throughout the chapel or reception hall to fill your guests with the comfort of a blossoming garden and a silent reminder of your everblooming relationship. Complement your arrangement with our Heaven Scent Organic Pillar Candle in Pink.

Don’t forget! Scented Candle Shop also carries a variety of wedding favours for your guests to remember your ceremony for years to come. For instance, check out the Amoureux Luxury Wedding Favour Bags designed to resemble an elegant two tier wedding cake.

Creative Inspirations With Soy Candles

Natural Wax Candles

Are you looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to paraffin wax candles and don’t want to use bees wax candles?  If so, we recommend our choice brands of Soy Candles that come in a variety of price points suitable for every budget. Whether you want to lightly fragrance your home naturally and cleanly with your favorite scent, relax in the aroma of an exotic location, or get a special gift for someone,  you’ll be getting the most value from soy candles for several reasons:

  • – They are naturally fragranced
  • – They are clean burning as compared to paraffin wax candles
  • – The have superior fragrance retention
  • – Soy candles last longer,  burning much slower than alternatives
  • – Soy wax is made from highly sustainable resources unlike petroleum derived paraffin

Looking for the kind of soy candles that allow for a fun dose of creative flare?  At Scented Candle Shop we would like to introduce you to our 85g size tubes of Beanpod Candle Soy Wax Scented Beads that come in a huge variety of yummy scents. They can be used one fragrance at a time or combined with other scents in either a candle holder, candle jar, oil or tart burner or even sprinkled on top of another candle for your own unique fragrance blends.

You can even use an Oil Burner for Beanpod Soy Beads. Also try our Beanpod Soy Tea Lights that come in a package of nine tea lights; each one burns for up to 5 hours. Both Beanpod soy tea lights and scented beads come in the same luxurious range of aromas as their Votive and Jar Candle variations. Soy Jar candles are self-contained and ready to use without having to make the additional purchase of candle holders.

Beanpod Soy Beads - Great for mixing scents
Burners can also burn oils, wax tarts, or candle chunks
Burners can also burn oils, wax tarts, or candle chunks

Jar & Tin Perfume Candles

Perfumed Jar and Tin candles create an exceptional fragrance for you home. Jar and Tin candles are contained, which also makes for an easier candle burning experience. You will not have to worry about spilling wax and can preserve scent longer by using lids.

WoodWick Jar Candles come in many sizes

Crackling WoodWick perfumed candles

WoodWick is another one of our premium quality brands, offering fine perfumed candle fragrances. You can choose between their Trilogy Jar Candles,  single color 10oz or 22oz lidded jar candles or choose from their limited addition series. These candles are made with a special organic wooden wick that crackle as they burn. Each Woodwick signature concave glass jar candle comes with its own wooden lid to provide long lasting fragrance protection.  And each color in a Trilogy candle comes in a different fragrance so as they melt into each other they create an exciting new scent and there are many to try.

Ashleigh & Burwood Garden Candle Tin Rosemary, Citronella & Thyme

Tinned perfumed candles

Tin Candles allow you to keep the candle fresh and the scent perfectly preserved. They are also convenient for travel, great for business trips, honeymoons, or even camping. For the best experience with these stylish candles keep the wick trimmed with a wick trimmer. We carry a wide range of lush scents and designs for your home and garden. Citronella Tin Candles are ideal for the warmer summer months, as they will ward off bugs and provide ambient lighting. We even carry Odour Removing Tin Candles that will aid any home in scent removal.

So visit Scented Candle Shop today and buy one of our perfumed candles to surround yourself with beautiful fragrance or buy as a memorable gift for someone you know.