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Decorate Your Wedding Venue for Cheap

Let’s face it, it might be the most important day of your life but most of the people you invite to your wedding aren’t going to remember the intricate details of the decoration you spent weeks and weeks planning to perfection. They’re going to remember who was the most drunken at the reception, how embarrassed the groom looked during the first dance and the baby that cried all the way through your vows.

Of course it is important to create a good atmosphere with the way you set up the reception venue, but it can be easily achieved without spending too much on extravagant décor which isn’t even going to compete with how the bride looked when she walked down the aisle or how awful the jokes in the best man’s speech were. Here are a few wedding decoration tips and tricks which can help you assign more of the funds to what really matters: food and booze!

Ceiling Drapes

A little bit of fabric can turn a drab reception or dining hall or into a fantastic venue for your wedding party. There are loads of options depending on what kind of theme you are going for and you can use them as the main décor as just as additional accents.

If you want to keep it classical then go for white or cream material, hung from centre point in the ceiling and spiralling out towards the corners of the room. Matching tablecloths will compliment the effect. It’s important to have a dash of colour here and there when going for a white or cream theme, but this can come in the form of flowers or balloons.

Another option is to increase the fun factor with brightly coloured fabric instead of plain white, and remember that decorating the ceiling and walls in this way means you won’t have to splash out too much on table decorations.

Ceiling Drapes - 3
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Pre-Owned Decorations

Don’t be too proud and feel that everything you use has to be brand new. There are many places where you can get pre-owned or used decorations which are still as good as new. Auction sites and recycling websites such as Gumtree and Freecycle can be gold mines for affordable wedding decorations. From ceiling drapes to plastic flower centrepieces and other decorative effects, there are so many items and ideas out there that can be repurposed.

Don’t rule out charity shops either, as there can be occasional gems just waiting to be picked for a fraction of their cost brand new. Wedding invitations, ribbons and even interesting table décor can all be found in second hand thrift stores.

Another option is to recycle your own decorations. Simply move the decorations you use for the church, at the end of the pews and along the aisle, over to the reception hall in between the ceremony and the meal. These decorations can perfect for both the church and the reception entrance and main table.

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Candles Make Great Alternative Table Centrepieces

Flowers can be incredibly expensive, so instead of breaking the bank to deck out all the guest tables with beautiful bouquets, use much cheaper dinner candles as table centrepieces. Also consider picking up a few Rose Scented Candles and placing them at regular intervals around the room to create a wonderful aroma throughout the entire day.

Long, tapered candles will last longer than the party and you can even use different colours to help the guests identify their tables while accentuating the theme. A gothic wedding for example will greatly benefit from a series of black candles, while gold and silver candles can add a touch of glamour without costing much at all.

You can even use a few LED Flameless Candles to guide guests from one room to another without worrying about them blowing out. Dotted around the room they can also help create a wonderful atmosphere when the main lights dim for a bit of dancing.

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Candles Are a Great Way to Inject Light & Colour Into Your Venue

In-Season Flowers

Flowers are usually a necessity at weddings, but there are affordable ways of going about it. Firstly, always go for in-season flowers, as these will be in abundance and cost much less than specially grown blooms.

May sees Peonies in season, which will provide you with many various pink shades, while June sees the multicoloured varieties of Gerbera in season. An August wedding gives you a great opportunity to deck your wedding venue out with sunflowers, while January nuptials will see Ranunculus in season, which are beautiful white flowers that can resemble roses.

Don’t worry about getting fancy flowers at all, as even simple bouquets with the most ordinary and everyday of flowers can be made to look expensive with the right trim and presentation. One trick is to only use the same kind of flower. Mix and match the colours, sure, but not the type of flower itself. Keeping them the same gives the impression of a costlier bunch, especially when tied with some white or gold ribbon.

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Save Your Jars

It might seem a little bizarre at first, but jam jars and all the other jars we go through can be saved up and recycled for use at your wedding as decorative features. If you have plenty of time before your wedding, then you will likely go through plenty of jars of different sauces, condiments and other foodstuffs, and all of them can be cleaned up to hold snacks, flowers and other assorted decorations.

There are plenty of tips and guides online regarding removing the labels from jars, from simply soaking in hot soapy water to filling the jar with water and microwaving it so the heat and steam loosens the glue. Some people even swear by using peanut butter to remove any particularly stubborn bits of label adhesive.

The decorative effect of small candles or tea lights is greatly magnified when the candle is placed within a jar as the light from the flame will reflect off the glass. It’s also a fine way of safely using candles in certain areas such as tables with lots of paper or fabric decoration or on shelves and windowsills.

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Save Jars & Place Small Tea Lights In Them To Bring Subtle Light

Candles to Suit Every Wedding Theme

There is something about the gently flickering flame of a candle that denotes feelings of well-being, romance, happiness and grandeur. All four of these attributes are also synonymous with a wedding, a feel-good day that will never be forgotten by everyone involved. Like the floral arrangements, the bride’s dress and the best man’s speech, a wedding simply wouldn’t be complete without some candles sporadically placed around the venue. But what candles should you incorporate into your wedding’s décor to maximise the theme, style, atmosphere and, perhaps most importantly, the romance of the occasion?

The Traditional Wedding

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If you’ve long dreamt of getting married in a flowing white gown, in a church with all the traditional trimmings then a Wedding Cake Pillar Candle will undoubtedly enhance the traditionalism of the wedding.

As a time-honoured themed wedding simply must comprise of a conventional wedding cake this stylish Wedding Cake Pillar Candle will add a sophisticated finishing touch to the cake. This wonderfully romantic candle that replicates the tiers and decoration of a traditional wedding cake will help ensure every element of your wedding is romantically enhanced by delightful finishing touches.

The Vintage Wedding

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Vintage weddings have really taken off in recent years, made popular by the rise in what is known as an anthropology-style wedding. Inspiration for rustic, vintage weddings can be found through a number of creative accessories, touches and designs. From shabby chic décor to dresses that look like they belong in the 1950s, there are numerous ways we can adopt a vintage style wedding, including our choice of candles.

As handcrafted items are at the core of any vintage, rustic venture, it stands to reason that only candles that have been made by hand will suffice at a vintage wedding. When it comes to vintage colours, the zesty tone of lemon has to be a leading shade. Put at candle that combines the quaintness of handcrafted items with the timeless simplicity of the colour lemon and the net result is a wonderfully effective vintage-style candle. Such characteristics can be found in the Handcrafted Citronella Candle. This delicately-shaped candle and its vibrant colour will bring a touch of elegant timeless style to your vintage-themed wedding.

The Modern, Glitzy Wedding

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If you and your soon-to-be-husband simply don’t do traditional or vintage then the chances are you’re striving for a more modern and glitzy wedding. Alongside the sequin-studded wedding dress, the less conventional venue and bridesmaids’ dressed in vibrant pink, make a Glitter Ball Pillar Candle part of your wedding décor.

These beautifully romantic candles are sculpted with detailed roses and a stunning scattering of glitter. Whether they’re dotted around the wedding cake, used to light up the the entrance to the reception or lit alluringly in your bedroom on your wedding night, a Glitter Ball Pillar Candle will bring another glitzy dimension to a wedding that embraces the glamorous.

Budget Wedding Candle Ideas

Wedding Candle Decoration
Wedding Candles

Your Wedding day is the most important day of your life and everyone wants that day to look and feel extra special. From the dress to the table decorations, you’ll want everything to look perfect.

However, if you’re on a tight budget there’s no need to panic because you can pick up fantastic decorations for half the price. You’ll be able to transform the look of your venue without spending lots of money on unnecessary items.

Candles are a great way to bring elegance, light and vibrant colour into the room. Take a look at our incredible range here at You’ll be surprised at the low price and fantastic quality items.

Place a few of these dazzling dinner, pillar, floating or tea light wedding candles on your tables and decorate with some fresh flowers. It will completely change the look of the room and will leave everyone in amazement.

Dinner Candles

Decorate the tables with beautiful dinner candles. At 60 pence each, you can’t go wrong! We have a wide selection of beautiful colours which will coordinate with your colour theme and will look spectacular in all your wedding photographs.

Everyone will be amazed with the elegant effect and the tall design and will be shocked at the amazing price. Dinner candles are perfect for all weddings and will certainly make the room look grand.

Floating Candles

Floating Candles look beautiful in the centre of tables placed in a large bowl filled with water. Our plain and beautiful shaped flower candles will look absolutely incredible and will look truly unique. Wow your friends and family with your eye-catching arrangement, they will be pleasantly surprised.

White Floating Candles
White Floating Candles
Glitter Red Rose Floating Candle
Glitter Red Rose Floating Candle
Lotus Flower Floating Candle
Lotus Flower Floating Candle


Top Wedding Candle Decoration Ideas

Tea lights are great for dotting light around the room but they sometimes can look plain and boring to the eye. However, you can grab everyone’s attention just by arranging them to create a shape such as a heart. It will look absolutely amazing on the top table or by the entrance as the guests arrive to your venue. The attention-grabbing heart of tea lights will draw lots of compliments from all your family and friends and will shimmer for hours. Give it a try at your wedding!

Tea Light Candles

led tealights

Heart Tea Light Candles

We also love this visually pleasing candle holder decoration idea. By turning wine glasses upside down and then placing a candle on top, you will immediately bring light into the room and eye-catching design. You could also place a flower under the glass to add a touch of elegance to every table. Everyone will be truly amazed with the unusual yet attractive design.

Another striking decoration idea is to use floating candles and flowers in tall glasses. By filling the tall glasses with water and a single floating candle will bring the light higher. However, if you fill the bottom of the glasses with flowers or stones, you will immediately bring a touch of elegance and eye-catching colour to any table. This simple yet creative idea will certainly draw compliments from all your party guests.

Candle Decoration

Floating Candle Decoration

Floating Candle Table Decoration

Wedding Candle Decorations

Create the wow factor by using vegetables to enhance the look of your plain pillar candles and to give your venue a lovely rustic feel. You could tie stems of asparagus around a tall pillar candle with a glossy ribbon or cut out a vegetable and place tea lights in the centre, it’s entirely up to you. We love the thought of using seasonal fruit or vegetables to decorate your venue. It’s something unique and truly striking.

Cinnamon Candles

Pumpkin Candles

Vegetable Candle Decorations

Even clustering wedding candles together can create an amazing effect, especially when the lights are dimmed. You can use a selection of different sized candles and multiple colours to achieve your desired effect. Everyone will be in awe of your incredible display and will fall in love with the sea of flickering flames as well as the neutral and elegant colour.

Wedding Candle Decorations

Table Decorations

Candle Decorations

Candle Decorating Ideas for Special Occasions

Hanging Candles in Jars
Hanging Candles in Jars

If you want to create a special party atmosphere and are stuck for ideas, then candles could be the ideal answer.

Candles bring light, ambiance, and the gentle flickering movement of flame to any location, and can transform a room or garden into a magical space.

Tea lights are extremely versatile. They are small and can be arranged in patterns either indoors or outdoors. Try different shapes and designs– hearts for a valentine’s dinner, for instance. For weddings, tea lights bring just the right enchantment. Whether placed along the aisle or along the table at the reception, they always bring simple and easy sophistication to your special event.

Experiment with where you place tea lights, try embedding them into sand, or even fruits and vegetables! Your guests will love these quirky and inventive ideas, and you will love the special glow it brings to your home.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild!

Floating candles are always attractive. Anywhere where there is a body of water, large or small, indoor or outdoor, you can set floating candles. Perfect for outdoor ponds and water features, they will turn that potentially dull garden party into a twinkling galaxy of stars. They work beautifully indoors as well – whether floating in bowls of water or even atop filled glasses. Try placing coloured pebbles and flower heads in each glass – everyone will think you’ve hired a high-end event planner!

If you love larger candles, our wide range of pillar candles always bring character to any environment, either lit or unlit. They always look great! Perfect for outdoor use as well, try setting them in glass jars and set them atop garden walls, tables, even hanging from tree branches.

Your imagination is your only limit! If you prefer to added dimension of scent, Scented Candle Shop has a wide range of beautifully scented Bolsius candlesYankee candles, and other trusted brands.  Scented Candle Shop has all the colours, fragrances, and candle types for your special day. You will find a thousand different ways to transform your home and garden from ordinary to extraordinary!

Tea Lights can make any shape!
Tea Lights can make any shape!
Floating Candles In Glasses
Floating Candles In Glasses

Candles Work Well Anywhere!
Candles Work Well Anywhere!