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Fresh Scents for Summer 2015

What comes to mind when you think of a nice summer’s day? Could it be, the warm Sun and clear blue skies, green grass, a gentle breeze, and the scents of summer, so fresh and invigorating. You can finally open your windows after the rigours of winter, but what about the evenings, sitting indoors or if you are lucky on the veranda. Why not accentuate the aromas with scented atmospheric candles.

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Floral Candles

What about the wonderful Vincent Van Gogh inspired sunflower yellow candle, by St Eval in Cornwall. It will send tones of amber and linden blossom drifting into the room,combined with natural mimosa, to create a perfect balance of natural summer fragrances.

Linden produces a divine aroma, bees flock to the flowers, and it often appears in poetry as a tree to sit under on a summer’s day. The scent of mimosa may inspire you to sip a refreshing summer drink of chilled citrus fruit and champagne, aptly named after it.

Fruity Candles

The aromas of natural fruit always remind us of the growing season. Fresh and invigorating the Blueberry pillar candle by Bolsius is aromatic and fruity without being overbearing. The blueberry is noted for being one of the world’s healthiest fruits with its antioxidant properties.There is also an exotic mango candle that is unique in flavour and fragrance. Your guests will be wondering where you have hidden the summer fruit bowl.

Honeydew Melon fragrance candles,smell like fresh cut melon,on a hot day, one of summers supreme pleasures. Sweet and deliciously juicy! Honeydew will remind those who sense it, of summer salads with melon and cantaloupe, and healthy breakfasts with mixed fruits and cereal.

Refresh Your Senses with Pink Grapefruit

More Summertime Favourites

Lemon grass is not instantly thought of as a summer scent. However it does have a few properties that make it a good candidate. It does have a mild citrus aroma which may prove more beneficial to those with a sensitive nose, for the stronger scented candles. It also has properties that will help keep those annoying flies away whilst you are dozing on the porch on a summers evening. It may even entice you to go and make a cup of lemongrass tea to help you relax even more.

Simon and Garfunkel sang about Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme, and going to summer fairs.The unmistakable aromas of herbs and spices from Provence bring to mind eating at a long table in the garden under a clear blue sky. Price’s Provence Scented Candle Lantern will let you carry on the festivities into the summer night. It also has insect repellent qualities that work effectively without the overpowering scent of citronella.

Everyone will equate different aromas with summer, possibly the more rural you’re past experiences,the stronger will be the association. Scented Candle Shop has a large selection and you will be able to find something to suit your taste, or more to the point sense of smell. Take the fresh scents of summer right into your home.

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Top 5 All Year Yankee Candle Scents

It’s almost uncanny how different scents and smells are synonymous with various times of the year and specific occasions. For example, the rich smell of mulled wine and heavy aroma of pine needles would be considerably ‘out of sync’ in the height of the summer. By the same token, the fresh smell sweet peas and daffodils simply ‘wouldn’t be right’ at Christmas. Having said that, there are some scents that can be adored all year round, without running the risk of being ill-timed. Here are five Yankee Candle scents that create an appropriate and mouth-watering aroma, regardless of the season.

Clean Cotton

The scent of crisp and clean cotton sheets drifting through the home might give us fond associations of spending the weekend at our grandparents when we were young. With a Yankee Clean Cotton Candle we can replicate our childhood associations and generate a desirable aroma to float through the house like cotton sheets themselves, regardless of what time of year it is. The combined smell of crisp cotton sheets that have been dried in the sun, white flowers, a hint of lemon and green notes, leaves our homes fresh smelling and buoyant – a scent we can never grow tired of.

Clean Cotton Housewarmer Jar

Home Sweet Home

Another scent that we simply can’t get bored with and that reminds us of the best things in life is crafted by the Yankee Candle Home Sweet Home Housewarmer Jar. A subtle blend of freshly-poured tea, cinnamon and spices, tantalises our sense of smell. This warming and comforting aroma creates a cosy and welcoming presence in our home, whether its snowing outside or 30 degrees Celsius.

Midnight Jasmine

A tempting amalgamation of sweet honeysuckle, mandarin, neroli and water jasmine might create a sweet-smelling aroma that reminds us with meadows bursting with colour, vibrancy and scent in the springtime, but let’s be honest, who would refuse have their homes bursting with such a mouth-watering smell in the autumn and winter as well? Combining such a potent mix of beautiful flowers the Yankee Midnight Jasmine Candle generates a relaxing and comforting space that’s perfect for parties, working in, doing in ironing, wining and dining, or simply relaxing after a hard day at work.

Home Sweet home Housewarmer Jar

Camomile Tea

We all have times when we need reassurance and comforting and there’s nothing quite like the smell of camomile tea to provide us with such support. The good news is that with the Camomile Tea Yankee Candle Housewarmer Jar you don’t have to brew endless cups of camomile tea to enjoy the aroma. Simply light the wick, lie back and enjoy the wonderfully relaxing scent of honey, camomile and tea leaves radiate around you – an all year round pleasure for sure.

A Child’s Wish

A fragrance that captures the unique innocence of children should be pined for all year round. With its combination of soft flowers and emerald fields, that typifies children having boundless fun in the outdoors during the summer, the Child’s Wish Yankee Candle Housewarmer can help take us to places we’d rather be when it’s grey, cold and wet outside – With Yankee scented candles you can be anywhere you want to be!

A Child’s Wish Housewarmer Jar

Cocktail Candles for Parties

Summer is here and alongside the arrival of the warm air and light nights is a myriad of delicious alcoholic beverages full of wondrous tastes and associations with this time of year. A barbecue or summer party simply wouldn’t be complete without the likes of Prosecco, Malibu and Margarita in full flow. As well as drinks and food that are synonymous with the summer helping create a pleasant summertime vibe, candles can effectively augment the unique feeling generated by such joyous occasions. Take a look at the following three candles that will help transform your home into an oasis of tropical summer splendour.

Summer Fruit & Prosecco Candle Tin

What could be a more seasonal cocktail at this time of the year than summer fruit blended with Prosecco? This delicious taste can be vividly captured by our sense of smell with this Summer Fruit & Prosecco candle. Simply light the wick and fill the room with this tantalising fragrance of summer. In recreating such a desirable summer cocktail, this Pintail Candle Tin is the perfect accessory to get guests in the mood for summer drinking at a party.

Check Out Our New Summer Yankee Jar Candles
Check Out Our New Summer Yankee Jar Candles

Paradise Spice Yankee Candle

With its fresh coconut flavour and sweet undertone, Malibu is widely cited as being sunshine in a bottle. Whilst we can’t sit around drinking Malibu cocktails all summer, we can indulge our sense of smell with Paradise Spice candles. The Paradise Spice Candle range of Yankee Candles, wax tarts, tealights and votive candles, blend a scent of bananas, lush vanilla, fringed with cinnamon and cloves to craft a true exotic island fragrance – You can almost picture the Malibu being poured by the barman on the beach.

This essential summer candle has been meticulously blended using natural extracts. The sweet-smelling, tropical aroma Paradise Spice candles give off is almost guaranteed to generate swathes of complimentary comments by people visiting your home. Asides the praise, Paradise Spice is likely to evoke a desire to sip summer cocktails on a faraway beach, where the sand is white and the palm trees provide some much-needed shade to lie back and drink in the idyllic summer scene.

Relax to the Sweet Smell from This Paradise Spice Votive Sampler
Relax to the Sweet Smell from This Paradise Spice Votive Sampler

Strawberry & Summer Wine Tin Candle

If you were asked to name the ultimate summer fruit, strawberries would have to be a leading contender. In fact what could be better than spending a warm summer’s evening accompanying juicy strawberries with a chilled glass of summer wine? This idyllic summer setting is replicated with the sweet aroma of the Strawberry & Summer Wine Candle Tin. This profound aroma blends the scent of strawberries with a heady fragrance of oaky summer wine. Encased in a silver holder, the Pintail Scented Candle Tin Strawberry & Summer Wine makes a stylish addition to the home as well as creating a mouth-watering fragrance – The perfect accessory for every home during the warm, light and cocktail-sipping summer months.

10 Most Exotic Scented Candles

Similar to touch, smell is one of the most sensual of the senses. Scent is an invisible source of stimulation and arousal. A heady and exotic smell can evoke powerful feelings that will encroach on a consciousness forever more. Scented candles can be a great source of producing exotic aromas. Read on to discover some of the strangest exotic scents that comes from different parts of the world.

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The Exotic…

1. Basil

The aroma basil gives off when it’s is simmering in a cooking pot never fails to exude a warmly yet exotic smell. Basil is originally native to India and is best known as a herb prominently featured in Indian cuisine. A basil scented candle will infuse your home with a fresh, zesty, exotic aroma, bursting with Indian flavour.

2. Lemongrass

Sweet and invigorating, an aroma of lemongrass never fails to lift our mood and make us feel refreshed. Exotic fruit salads should always include a slice of lemongrass. Likewise, a lemongrass scented candle should feature in those who crave scent that borders on the exotic.

3. Ylang Ylang

If you’re looking for an exotic scented candle to increase libido, look no further than our Ruby Sunset Jar Candle by Woodwick. The Ylang Ylang tree is native to rainforests in tropical Asian countries, primarily Indonesia. This erotic scent has a sweet yet spicy aroma.

4. Ginger

To create a calming, soothing atmosphere in a room burn a potent ginger pillar candle. Ginger is another erotic scent, which is spicy and pungent. Part of the Zingiber plant, the cultivation of ginger began in South Asia, quickly spreading to the Caribbean and East Africa.

Beautiful beach and sea
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The Unusal…

5.  Copper Kettles

Yes, you did read right, Copper Kettles scented candles do exist. Let’s be honest who can resist the homely smell of  cinnamon bark, clove buds, allspice and nutmeg? Yankee Candle have done themselves proud with this sensational jar candle.

6.  Motor Oil

If you’re looking for a candle for your man, then this incredible Motor Oil Candle is ideal. The deep and spicy fragrance of nutmeg and ginger will give your home the essence of the open road. This weird yet wonderful candle is a must have!

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Scents From Around the World…

7. Yuzu & Lime

Combining the citrus blend of lime, Yuzu, Japanese grapefruit, vanilla and orange, Yuzu and Lime Wax Lyrical Interior Perfume Jar Candle will inject some stylish ambience to any room.

8. Tropical Coconut

There is nothing like the sweet aroma of our pineapple coconut wax tart to evoke images of palm trees, white sand and warm breezes. This mouth-watering sweet fragrance stirs associations of Hawaiian beaches, perfect for bringing the smell and feel of exotic islands into your own living room.

9. Plumeria

Another aroma designed to let you escape to the tropics is plumeria. Combining pure coconut, palm and soy waxes, our sweet-smelling plumeria candles bring the exotic smells of Hawaii thousands of kilometres to East.

10. Napa Valley Sun
Another exotic scent that creates a penetrating and strengthening vibe into a room. Napa Valley Sun Votive Sampler captures fragrant rays of a golden, powdery amber with a vanilla flower finish.

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Reusing Leftover Candle Wax

There are nothing quite like candles to create a cosy, atmospheric and warm glow. When a candle goes out the room looks and feels significantly dimmer. Despite the post-candle dinginess, the good news is that the candle might have burnt right down but providing you recycle the leftover wax, it has not been rendered entirely defunct.

Get creative with these five ideas on how to make the most of surplus candle wax.

Candle Wax for Potpourri

How can candle wax make potpourri you may ask? You’d be surprised. Simply collect some pine cones, walnuts and acorns. Melt some wax (the wax of a coloured candle works best) until it is warm and soft then drizzle it over your autumnal collection. Wax can be heated using a double boiler, which helps distribute the heat and prevents dangerous temperatures. Alternatively you can dip the items in the wax. Give your homemade potpourri some additional spice by adding some greenery and other natural items such as cinnamon sticks.

Candle Wax as Decorative Moulds

We all know that Christmas decorations can be expensive and can have a tendency to look too samey. If you want some unique, cute and creative festive decorations by recycling used materials then why not make some moulds using the old candle wax. It has to be said that using scented wax works best when making decorative moulds for the simple reason that they won’t just be pretty and decorative but they’ll maintain the sweet smelling fragrance of the candle too.

Buy a candy or cake mould tin from a local kitchen or arts and crafts store. Heat the wax with a double boiler until it completely melts and pour the wax into the decorative moulds. Once the wax hardens you can prize it out of the mould and place your cute decorations around the home.

Candle Wax for Potpourri
Candle Wax for Potpourri
Candle Wax for Tea Lights
Candle Wax for Tea Lights
Candle Wax as Firestarters
Candle Wax as Firestarters

Candle Wax as Firestarters

If you have a real fire or a wood burning stove at home you’ll know how difficult it can be to get the fire going. Or you may be on a campsite taking an embarrassingly long time to get the campfire going. Shop bought firestarters can be expensive so why not use your old candle wax to make your own. Simply break up the wax into smaller pieces (not too small). Use the old jar or tin from a jar candle to store the wax in and bring it out every time you want to start a fire.

Candle Wax for Unzipping a Stuck Zip

There is nothing quite as irritating or, if you’re still wearing the item of clothing, embarrassing as a stuck zip. No matter how hard you try you just can’t get it to undo. Warm the wax so that it is soft and rub it up and down the teeth on both sides of the zip. After a while the zip should become smoother and unzip.

Candle Wax for Tea Lights

Of course old candle wax can be resurrected into a new candle. If you have had tea lights that have burned down save the containers. Melt any disused wax and pour it into the tea light containers. Add a small piece of wick when the wax is still soft. There you have it pretty, little tea lights without spending a penny.