Fun Christmas Candle Games

There’s lots of fun to be had with candles during Christmas time when the house is often full of folks wanting to have a bit of fun. Here are five original games to play and make the most out of your candles.

Candle Car Racing

Attach a short candle to a matchbox or small piece of wood (your ‘car’) by melting a bit of wax onto the surface and placing the candle firmly onto it before it solidifies. Then get a long piece of string, between a metre or two in length, and tie one end to your candle car and the other end to a pen or pencil. After lighting the candle and laying out the string, you must ‘drive’ your car to the finish line by winding the string around the pencil. If the car topples or the candle goes out then you must stop and set it right and relight the flame before continuing.

Candle Archery Contest

It’s not really archery, I suppose, because the bow and arrow is simply your breath, but the principle is basically the same. Set up a series of target candles, each further away than the last, and attempt to blow them out one at a time, scoring points according to the distance between you and the candle. The ideal candle for this kind of game would be the Bolsius Tapered Candles as they are sturdy, colourful and available at a good price.

Candle Game Favourites


Two blindfolded players stand facing each other while holding a lit candle in one hand. They can move it to wherever they like but must keep it in that place for the entirety of their opponent’s move. Then they take turns trying to blow their opponent’s candle out, though they can only blow in one direction (no whirling about blowing everywhere). It will need a referee, or even better why not team up and have sighted partners give directions, perhaps with some restrictions on what they can say to help their blindfolded teammate.

Candle Relay Racing

There are couple of varieties of this kind of game you can try. One version is to give two teams two candles each and light them to begin. Then, the first players have to blow out one candle and relight it with the other, before blowing out the second candle and relighting it with the first candle. Then he passes the two relit candles onto his teammate who repeats the process. Another version is to use just one candle but provide the team with a lighter or box of matches, and each player has to blow out the candle and then relight it before passing it on.

Fireman Frenzy

An outdoors game, unless you don’t mind drenching your living room carpet, in which you line up a series of candles at suitable distances from each other and attempt to extinguish the flames with water. Various methods can be applied, from taking a mouthful of water from a cup and aiming with your mouth or even using a water pistol. You can have singles competition or team up and try to put out all the candles before the other mob. As the candles get soaked, it can be a good idea to use plain Unscented Tealight Candles as they are cheap and plentiful.