Complementary Scented Candles Make the Perfect Massage

Scented candles are the perfect accompaniment to a sensual massage between you and your partner, according to

Whether setting the mood for relaxation, romance, or both, couples are advised to choose scented massage oil, calming music and champagne for the perfect evening in.

The website recommends choosing between lighting plenty of unscented candles, or just one or two complementary scented candles to achieve a fragrance balance.

Adjusting the room temperature will mean that whoever is receiving the massage will be comfortable and doors should be locked and phones unplugged to avoid any disturbances.

Strewing rose petals across the room can give an extra touch of romance and exotic fruits added to glasses of wine or champagne complete the atmosphere of relaxation and luxury.

For complementary scents in one candle, Yankee Candle Housewarmer Jars are available in combinations such as Greek Fig and Blackcurrant and Peach and Sweet Berries and come in safety-conscious jars.

Yankee Candle Releases New Christmas Range

A new range of Yankee Candles designed to capture the aromas of the festive season have been released in time for Christmas.

The Berry and Cedar housewarmer jar features redcurrants and warm cedarwood for a comforting, sweet scent and is a festive deep red shade.

Red Apple Wreath will appeal to those who love traditional Christmas fruits and nuts, with sweet apples, cinnamon, walnuts and maple.

Eggnog fans will adore the housewarmer jar of the same name, which evokes the festive drink with a rich, creamy and classic aroma laced with rum and spiced nutmeg.

Meanwhile, Silver Bells stirs up memories of a crisp Boxing Day walk with its fresh notes of cypress, spruce apple, wild berry, clove and white cedar.

In related news, embellished scented candles can make the ideal inexpensive gift, according to

The website recommends buying scented candles in plain glass jars and decorating them with attractive paper, small faux gems or natural items.