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Fresh Scents for Summer 2015

What comes to mind when you think of a nice summer’s day? Could it be, the warm Sun and clear blue skies, green grass, a gentle breeze, and the scents of summer, so fresh and invigorating. You can finally open your windows after the rigours of winter, but what about the evenings, sitting indoors or if you are lucky on the veranda. Why not accentuate the aromas with scented atmospheric candles.

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Floral Candles

What about the wonderful Vincent Van Gogh inspired sunflower yellow candle, by St Eval in Cornwall. It will send tones of amber and linden blossom drifting into the room,combined with natural mimosa, to create a perfect balance of natural summer fragrances.

Linden produces a divine aroma, bees flock to the flowers, and it often appears in poetry as a tree to sit under on a summer’s day. The scent of mimosa may inspire you to sip a refreshing summer drink of chilled citrus fruit and champagne, aptly named after it.

Fruity Candles

The aromas of natural fruit always remind us of the growing season. Fresh and invigorating the Blueberry pillar candle by Bolsius is aromatic and fruity without being overbearing. The blueberry is noted for being one of the world’s healthiest fruits with its antioxidant properties.There is also an exotic mango candle that is unique in flavour and fragrance. Your guests will be wondering where you have hidden the summer fruit bowl.

Honeydew Melon fragrance candles,smell like fresh cut melon,on a hot day, one of summers supreme pleasures. Sweet and deliciously juicy! Honeydew will remind those who sense it, of summer salads with melon and cantaloupe, and healthy breakfasts with mixed fruits and cereal.

Refresh Your Senses with Pink Grapefruit

More Summertime Favourites

Lemon grass is not instantly thought of as a summer scent. However it does have a few properties that make it a good candidate. It does have a mild citrus aroma which may prove more beneficial to those with a sensitive nose, for the stronger scented candles. It also has properties that will help keep those annoying flies away whilst you are dozing on the porch on a summers evening. It may even entice you to go and make a cup of lemongrass tea to help you relax even more.

Simon and Garfunkel sang about Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme, and going to summer fairs.The unmistakable aromas of herbs and spices from Provence bring to mind eating at a long table in the garden under a clear blue sky. Price’s Provence Scented Candle Lantern will let you carry on the festivities into the summer night. It also has insect repellent qualities that work effectively without the overpowering scent of citronella.

Everyone will equate different aromas with summer, possibly the more rural you’re past experiences,the stronger will be the association. Scented Candle Shop has a large selection and you will be able to find something to suit your taste, or more to the point sense of smell. Take the fresh scents of summer right into your home.

Yankee Summer Scoop (2)
Try This Creamy Summer Scoop Candle Today

Top 10 Summer Yankee Candles

It’s officially summer! The season for family gatherings, tasty barbecues, long relaxing afternoons in the garden sipping cider and of course gorgeous summer Yankee scented candles. We all love to sit back and put our feet up and take in the refreshing aroma from our favourite Yankee candle. So here at Scentedcandleshop.com, we have come up with an exciting list of our most popular fragrances for you to try out and fill your home with. Whether you’re looking for an irresistible fruity scent to pick up your mood or a light floral aroma to help you to relax, we have found the perfect one for you.

Cool Pops Pineapple Coconut Pina Colada Candle
Pina Colada Candle

Cool Pops

These incredible Limited Edition Jar Candles will simply take your breath away and are a must have this summer. The fabulous concoction of sweet fruits will have your taste buds tingling with excitement.

From Mango Nectarine and Melon & Lime Margarita to Pineapple Coconut Pina Colada and sweet Triple Berry, these extremely fruity fragrances are bursting with summer freshness and are topped with a frilly lid which will contain the beautiful essence after use.Choose a cute glass tumbler or a multi wick candle, the choice is yours!

Bahama Breeze Yankee Jar Candle
Bahama Breeze Jar Candle

Bahama Breeze

If you’ve got the holiday blues then this fantastic Bahama Breeze scented candle by Yankee will take you to a Paradise Island. The refreshing perfume of fruity cocktails, sea breeze and the warm sand will evoke the fondest memories of past summer times and will leave you feeling truly relaxed.

You’ll absolutely fall in love with the gorgeous tropical blend of mango, grapefruit and sweet pineapple which will satisfy your senses for hours and will bring a touch of tranquillity and happiness into your home.

Clean Cotton Yankee Jar Candle
Clean Cotton Jar Candle

Clean Cotton

Evoke feelings of summer nostalgia with this lovely Clean Cotton Yankee Housewarmer Jar. This sweet perfume of freshly washed linen drying in the warm summer’s sun will take you back to your childhood days.

The refreshing green notes, white flowers and hint of lemon will fill your home and impress your family and friends. With a burn time of 90 to 150 hours, this magnificent Large Yankee Jar will bring hours of sweet fragrance which you will absolutely love.

Country Lemonade Yankee Jar Candle
Country Lemonade Jar Candle

Country Lemonade

We all love an ice cold glass of freshly squeezed lemonade when we’re feeling hot and bothered during the summer time.

You can now enjoy hours and hours of this fresh and citrus aroma in your home thanks to Yankee’s fabulous Country Lemonade Housewarmer Jar, available in small, medium and large as well as a multi wick candle and tea light form.

Place this candle in all of your rooms and enjoy the summery fragrance for hours. Everyone will love the clean and fruity perfume.

Summer Scoop Yankee Jar Candle
Summer Scoop Jar Candle

Summer Scoop

Indulge your senses will this incredibly creamy yet sweet Summer Scoop Yankee Jar Candle. This brand new summer fragrance is filled with strawberry sweetness and delicious memories of your childhood. Relive your childhood and memories of tucking into an ice cold strawberry ice cream on a hot summer’s day.

The cool strawberry fragrance will fill your mind with sweet sugary dreams and satisfy your senses. You’ll love burning this gorgeous candle all day long and you won’t be able to wipe that little smile off your face. Strawberry-licious!

Garden Hideaway Yankee Jar Candle
Garden Hideaway Jar Candle

Garden Hideaway

Take time out to relax to the sweet and heavenly scent from this gorgeous Garden Hideaway Yankee Candle. The beautiful meadow and fresh flowers perfume will make your home come to life. Nothing smells better than the great outdoors and the warm summer sun.

You will love lighting this gorgeous jar candle at home and when you’re outside in the garden enjoying the weather. Everyone will love the magnificent aroma and will love collecting all of our top 10 summer fragrances. You won’t be able to resist Yankee’s sensational summer blends!

Fruit Fusion Yankee Jar Candle
Fruit Fusion Jar Candle

Fruit Fusion

If you’re a massive fruit fan then you’ll love our fruit and juicy blend of berries, oranges and lime from our Fruit Fusion Yankee Jar Candle. The bright orange colour will brighten up your home and the irresistible fruity blend will massage your senses for hours.

You just can’t deny how gorgeous this luxurious Yankee Candle smells and how beautiful it will look in your home. You’ll absolutely love the wonderful summery notes and juicy fruit aroma. Yummy!

Honey Blossom Yankee Jar Candle
Honey Blossom Jar Candle

Honey Blossom

Elegant, light and dreamy, our Honey Blossom Jar Candle by Yankee will completely transform your home into a tranquil garden full of sweet flowers. The gorgeous lilac colour will complement all decors and will send your senses into pure bliss.

This magnificent candle holds beautiful notes of flower nectar, musk, honey, woods and gorgeous freesia. Celebrate the arrival of summer with this delicate and nostalgic perfume of sweet honey blossom.

Turquoise Sky Yankee Jar Candle
Turquoise Sky Jar Candle

Turquoise Sky

Drift away to the fresh scents of sea grass, musk and salty waves with this brilliant Turquoise Sky Yankee Candle. The deep blue colour looks like the sea and will inject a touch of vibrant colour into your home.

The calming essence will make your summer time extra special and much more relaxing. Place this attractive glass jar in your garden or inside, the decision is entirely yours!

Pineapple Cilantro Yankee Jar Candle
Pineapple Cilantro Jar Candle

Pineapple Cilantro

Treat yourself to this refreshing Pineapple Cilantro Glass Jar Candle by Yankee. The tropical notes of juicy pineapple blended with a touch of cilantro and sweet coconut will tease your senses for hours.

The bright and summery perfume smells absolutely delightful and the bright green colour of the wax will certainly make this jar candle stand out in your home.

Candle Decorating Ideas for Special Occasions

Hanging Candles in Jars
Hanging Candles in Jars

If you want to create a special party atmosphere and are stuck for ideas, then candles could be the ideal answer.

Candles bring light, ambiance, and the gentle flickering movement of flame to any location, and can transform a room or garden into a magical space.

Tea lights are extremely versatile. They are small and can be arranged in patterns either indoors or outdoors. Try different shapes and designs– hearts for a valentine’s dinner, for instance. For weddings, tea lights bring just the right enchantment. Whether placed along the aisle or along the table at the reception, they always bring simple and easy sophistication to your special event.

Experiment with where you place tea lights, try embedding them into sand, or even fruits and vegetables! Your guests will love these quirky and inventive ideas, and you will love the special glow it brings to your home.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild!

Floating candles are always attractive. Anywhere where there is a body of water, large or small, indoor or outdoor, you can set floating candles. Perfect for outdoor ponds and water features, they will turn that potentially dull garden party into a twinkling galaxy of stars. They work beautifully indoors as well – whether floating in bowls of water or even atop filled glasses. Try placing coloured pebbles and flower heads in each glass – everyone will think you’ve hired a high-end event planner!

If you love larger candles, our wide range of pillar candles always bring character to any environment, either lit or unlit. They always look great! Perfect for outdoor use as well, try setting them in glass jars and set them atop garden walls, tables, even hanging from tree branches.

Your imagination is your only limit! If you prefer to added dimension of scent, Scented Candle Shop has a wide range of beautifully scented Bolsius candlesYankee candles, and other trusted brands.  Scented Candle Shop has all the colours, fragrances, and candle types for your special day. You will find a thousand different ways to transform your home and garden from ordinary to extraordinary!

Tea Lights can make any shape!
Tea Lights can make any shape!
Floating Candles In Glasses
Floating Candles In Glasses

Candles Work Well Anywhere!
Candles Work Well Anywhere!

Lotus Flower Floating Candles

When you want to make an impact at a party, barbecue, wedding, or other social gathering, spread love and light with our sweet-smelling range of Lotus Flower Floating Candles. Set floating on water before lighting, whether it be backyard pool or pond. Whitegreen, or pink and yellow– or a combination of all – will add elegance, atmosphere, and a little touch of class to your get-together.

Our Floating Candles make great gifts! Birthdays, wedding anniversaries, or Mother’s Day, these beautifully packaged scented candles will bring calming, uplifting scents to any home. Alternatively, create a galaxy of warm, gentle light in the dusk at a family garden party. The relaxing lotus scent will caress your senses and leave a lovely, lingering aroma. With a burn time of over two hours, you can be assured that your party will be well-received and well-remembered.

There are so many uses for our Lotus Flower Floating Candle. If used indoors, set floating in a clear glass cylinder. Try adding flowers to the water below the candle. Beautiful as table center pieces at dinner parties, weddings, or any occasion where you wish to create visual impact or a little extra moody lighting. Floating candles always make for a great atmosphere, inspiring calm, introspection, or just that chilled-out effect.


Pink & Yellow
Pink & Yellow

Outdoor Garden Candles

Bring wonderful colour and style to your garden with our great choice of Outdoor Garden Candles. These fine candles are the perfect finishing touch, whether you are entertaining or just enjoying your garden. Make sure you treat yourself to one of these fantastic quality Garden Candles, the delightful scent and eye-catching design will impress all your friends at your BBQs and garden parties.

100% Natural Citronella Candle Lantern

100% Natural Citronella Candle Lantern
100% Natural Citronella Candle Lantern

Our inexpensive 100% Natural Citronella Candle Lantern is great for getting rid of insects and adding fun colour to your plain garden. Now summer has arrived, everyone wants to enjoy their evenings and weekends in their garden so sit back and relax to the sweet smell of this citronella candle lantern. With multiple shades of yellows and oranges, it blends perfectly with surrounding flowers and coloured garden accessories.

The refreshing citronella scent is gentle and the self-contained flame makes this a safe choice for families. Citronella candles can also add eye-catching style to your garden and be a part of your outdoor decorations. With a fantastic burn time of approximately 40 hours, you can enjoy hours of entertaining and eating outdoors without being disturbing by flying critters.

Bolsius Citronella Candle Party Lights

Bring a touch of exciting colour to your garden with our vibrant Bolsius Citronella Party Light Candles, available in pink, green, blue and orange. Place these funky garden candles around your patio, on garden tables, benches and much more! The 30 hour burn time, self-contained coloured jar and sweet smelling citronella fragrance which repels insects will amaze all your friends and family.

The heavy glass jar can keep its base even in windy conditions, while also looking marvellous. If you’re having a classy party outdoors, there is no better pick to look great and also keep the bugs from invading. These fantastic Party Candles make great presents for family members, neighbours and loved friends.

Blue Bolsius Citronella Candle
Blue Bolsius Citronella Candle
Green Bolsius Citronella Candle
Green Bolsius Citronella Candle
Pink Bolsius Citronella Candle
Pink Bolsius Citronella Candle
Orange Bolsius Citronella Candle
Orange Bolsius Citronella Candle